Cotton Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Cotton Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

In the initial release of the Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow edition, Cotton Cookie was made available along with Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Her position is favored towards the back since she is the Support kind.

She is the primary character of the Frost Crystals Event Story, which recounts the legend of how she sought to use the windflower to help her buddy Sherbet Cookie and ended up running into the Frost Queen Cookie. She comes equipped with a jammed kit that is laden with crowd control, offensive, and support skills.

Continue reading to learn about the best Cotton Cookie Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Cotton Cookie Toppings Builds

The Cookie Run Kingdom’s greatest Cotton Cookie Toppings construction would be a five Swift Chocolate Topping configured to control CD. In addition to healing, Cotton Cookie’s sheep have DMG and stun abilities. To shorten the skill cooldown, which is by default 17 seconds, it is advised to build her with swift chocolate toppings.

You may use Cotton Cookie’s talent more quickly by decreasing the skill CD. This allows you to summon sheep that stun foes and do damage, heal friends, and raise the ATK of summoned animals. To lower CD and boost DMG Resistance, you might also choose two Swift Chocolate Toppings and three Solid Almond Toppings.

Cotton Cookie Skill

Through the use of a lantern, Cotton Cookie generates Warm Light, which boosts the ATK of summoned beings while also healing allies’ HP. Additionally, it assists in the summoning of sheep, which will continue to charge at enemies while taking care of area damage and stunning them. The summoned sheep will participate in combat with your Cookie for a limited period of time. Once called, Cream Cotton Sheep will charge to stun opponents and deliver damage.

A maximum of three Cream Cotton Sheep may be present on the battlefield at once. It’s important to remember that Cotton Cookie may do a variety of tasks, including healing, calling creatures, damaging foes, and slowing their movement. With all essential tools included in a single kit, you may easily remove a Support Cookie or a Healer from your squad without any hesitation. She also stands out in the arena thanks to her lantern, which continuously emits rays that aid her friends recover their health.

Overall, Cotton Cookie looks like a shepherd and is clearly inspired by The Snow Queen, a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. She serves as a metaphor for the main character Gerda, while Frost Queen Cookie stands in for the Queen and Sherbet Cookie for the kidnapped Kai.

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