Cream Unicorn Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Cream Unicorn Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

Before coming to the Cookie Run Kingdom as a result of the Disney partnership, Unicorn Cream Cookies previously debuted in Cookie Run Ovenbeak. Within the universe, they are the ones who conjured the Disney cookies and wished on a star for a kingdom teeming with new pals. They are Healing-type Cookies; thus, their place in the group is in the back.

So, in essence, a true healer at heart. The ingredients known as toppings enable the Cookies to use their powers. The toppings for this cookie include Solid Almond toppings, Swift Chocolate toppings, and Searing Raspberry Toppings. 

Continue reading to learn about the best Unicorn Cream Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Cream Unicorn Cookie Toppings Builds

There are two options available. To keep Cream Unicorn on the battlefield for as long as possible, you may either choose the full five Solid Almond toppings. In order to shorten their cooldown ability, you might also choose five Swift Chocolate toppings. If you go for the Swift Chocolate toppings, you will be able to utilize Midsummer Night’s Dream more frequently if you do this. The Solid Almond toppings, however, are most definitely the preferable option. You can test them separately and in combination to find the most effective for you.

Last but not least, five Searing Raspberry has been mentioned as a possible substitute. However, because fighting people is not Cream Unicorn Cookie’s strong suit, it does not seem like a practical alternative. However, since the Cream Unicorn Cookie is a healer, the Swift Chocolate toppings are ideal since they help the cookie to heal more frequently. 

Cream Unicorn Cookie Skill

The name of their skill is referred to as the Midsummer Night’s Dream. When you utilize it, Cream Unicorn transforms into a unicorn and charges across the battlefield towards and then the opposite direction of the adversary. Aside from immobilizing adversaries and briefly stopping their cooldown, their assault silences enemies rather than doing damage to them.

Additionally, it will lessen the harm and critical blows that the squad takes. Having said that, the Unicorn’s ultimate power is in avoiding harm altogether. They have great crit and damage reduction thanks to their boosts. In light of everything mentioned above, the remainder of your squad will be difficult for your adversaries to really harm.

However, one important thing to keep in mind with Cream Unicorn, though, is the fact that they are only able to heal once they charge. Thus, you must appropriately time the attacks to prevent your cookies from being killed before the healing truly begins.

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