Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

There are five ancient heroes in the game Cookie Run Kingdom, out of which Dark Cacao Cookie is one of them. He was included in the first section of the Heroes of Dark Cacao update and joined Affogato Cookie as the third character to be made playable. His position is given priority on the Front since he belongs to the Charge kind.

The Dark Cacao Kingdom was founded by Dark Cacao Cookie, who also serves as its monarch. Although he disowned Dark Choco Cookie after he destroyed the Kingdom, he is also the father of that character. It is evident that Dark Cacao Cookie is rigid and fiercely devoted to the Dark Cacao Kingdom. While he is a hero, it is clear by the sound of his voice that he is quite worn out from being a great fighter.

According to his vocal lines, the affluence and duties of his realm have overburdened and distracted him. Even though Dark Cacao Cookie has declared that he has completely abandoned his son, there are many hints that he still longs for him to be a part of his life.

Continue reading to learn about the best Dark Cacao Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings Builds

There are several benefits to choosing a Solid Almond set as the ideal Dark Cacao Cookie toppings construction since he is a frontal Charge unit. It might be tempting to choose Searing Raspberry’s attack-only strategy to hit hard straight away, but choosing endurance could provide Dark Cacao Cookie the time he needs to launch one or two additional attacks, dealing a lot more damage than one modestly enhanced blow would.

To boost Dark Cacao’s DMG resistance and shorten skill cooldowns, combine Swift Chocolate Toppings with Solid Almond Toppings.

Dark Cacao Cookie Skill

The Grapejam Chocoblade is swung by Dark Cacao Cookie with immense force, doing damage to nearby enemies with lightning and thunder. Dark Cacao Cookie, wielding the Grapejam Chocoblade, is a fighter of unheard-of might. Three ordinary Cookies were needed to even move this sword since it was so heavy.

Avalanches swept down innumerable slopes as the heavens exploded in thunder and lightning with each swipe. This powerful strike does Zap and Injury damage as well as reducing the ATK and DEF of the enemy.

This attack will result in damaged enemies having lower maximum health, and the injury de-buff will not be affected by immunity or dispelling spells that don’t expressly mention injury. Dark Cacao Cookie will momentarily become impervious to effects that would interrupt him while he is executing his skill.

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