Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

An Epic Cookie since its release, Dark Choco Cookie was formerly one of Cookie Run Kingdom main enemies. He is the Charge kind, and the Front is given priority for his position. He is the previous prince of the Dark Cacao Kingdom, which was destroyed, and the son of Dark Cacao Cookie.

He has moderate resistance to blows and has a respectable damage output. But given that he is a Charge-type Cookie don’t count on him to withstand every onslaught that comes at him. Dark Choco Cookie unluckily discovered the banned Strawberry Jam Sword. The terrible force of the magic sword overcame the hero he was about to become as soon as he gripped the blade. Dark Choco Cookie’s life was permanently transformed as a result of that event.

Dark Choco Cookie is an introverted, quiet cookie. Due to his extremely low self-esteem, he frequently muses about his regretful past and laments the fact that others are terrified of him. Actually, Dark Choco Cookie only ever seems confident when he understands the destructive powers the Strawberry Jam Sword has given him.

Dark Choco Cookie was a go-getter who exuded confidence before the Dark Cacao Kingdom’s demise. Despite having a royal heritage, he had a heart of gold and cared deeply for the welfare of others, guarding the weak in his naive attempt to follow in his father’s heroic and kingdom-saving footsteps.

Continue reading to learn about the best Dark Choco Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Builds

Solid Almond Topping, which raises DMG Resist, is the ideal combination of toppings for the Dark Choco Cookie. This build will enable Dark Choco to lead from the Front while remaining alive for a longer time and absorbing more DMG. Additionally, you may try combining this Topping with a few pieces of either Juicy Apple Jelly or Searing Raspberry, both of which might up your damage and CRIT chance.

Dark Choco Cookie Skills

With his massive sword, Dark Choco Cookie slashes the earth, striking the adversaries with chain lightning. Those unfortunate enough to be struck by this black lightning experience significant damage and decreased Defense. Additionally, at predetermined intervals, he conjures Dark Lightning and produces Dark Gem Jellies. Dark Swordsmanship is usable once you have gathered the necessary quantity of Dark Gem Jellies.

Dark Sphere barriers increase in number while Dark Swordsmanship is activated. The power of the Darkness envelopes Dark Choco Cookie’s body after utilizing Dark Swordsmanship. The more damage points you get from utilizing the Dark Swordsmanship and Ultimate Dark Lightning talents, the greater the enchanted power.

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