Devil Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Devil Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

A Rare Cookie called Devil Cookie was introduced in the Tiers of Chaos update’s second half along with Red Velvet Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. He belongs to the Magic class and is a Rare cookie; thus, by default, his placement is given priority in the middle.

They are the complete opposite of Angel Cookie, frequently displaying obvious resentment against them and favoring more naughty activities. They have the capacity to transform into a Super Devil form if they have captured enough Spirit Jellies.

Continue reading to learn about the best Devil Cookie Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Devil Cookie Toppings Builds

The best topping build for the Devil Cookie is full 5x Searing Raspberries, which is most recommended, or you can go for Swift Chocolate Topping too. Since the Cookie is positioned in the middle, it helps provide the frontline Cookies an additional DMG boost to mitigate damage while they are shielding the back and middle positioned Cookies.

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, more ATK power is usually advantageous; hence searing raspberries are the most frequently utilized topping in combinations. It is essential for your primary weapons and damage dealers. When these three Searing Raspberry toppings are combined in one Cookie, a 3% set effect is activated, while five Searing Raspberry toppings result in a 5% attack increase.

On the other hand, Swift Chocolate toppings are mostly intended to boost the stats that regular upgrades won’t. Players are unable to decrease an ability’s cooldown further once they have maxed out a Cookie and their talents, and for most Cookies, even doing so doesn’t make much of a difference. The Swift Chocolate topping does not affect how well the topping it is coupled with performs; rather, it serves to shorten the cooldown of the Cookie’s strikes.

Devil Cookie Skill

Devilish Rune, a skill used by Devil Cookie, summons the Devilish Rune, which does damage over time to opponents standing upon it and slows down their mobility and attack speeds. Following the collection of a specific quantity of Spectral Jellies, the Devil Cookie changes into an all-consuming Super Devil.

If you want to receive extra points for every Spectral Jelly collected by the Devil Cookie, you will need to level up in the game. When the Devil Cookie loses all of its energy, it once more becomes a Super Devil. The quantity of Spectral Jellies amassed up to the point where energy was exhausted determines how long the Final Devilish Blast lasts.

The number of points awarded for each Spectral Jelly collected is directly proportional to how strong the enchanted power is.

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