Espresso Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Espresso Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

Since its introduction in Cookie Run Kingdom, the Espresso Cookie has been an Epic Cookie. He belongs to the Magic kind, and the Middle is his preferred position. Espresso Cookie is a founder and supporter of coffee magic who has spent many sleepless nights perfecting his art via study and experimentation.

He periodically offers seminars at the Parfaedia Institute on coffee magic. He plays a support role in The Expedition To Protect Earthbread and makes an appearance in the Parfaedia Institute Event as the instructor of an advanced course known as Theorems of Coffee Magic. Espresso Cookie is a perfectionist with high standards for himself and others.

He regularly spends days awake due to his workaholic mindset and the fact that he is essentially composed of coffee. This typically leads to eventual tiredness. He is obsessively focused on refining Coffee Magic to the level of self-neglect, and he actively discourages students from attending his Parfaedia Institute class in order to have more time for his study.

Continue reading to learn about the best Espresso Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Espresso Cookie Toppings Builds

Five Searing Raspberry with cooldown sub-stats would make the greatest Espresso Cookie Topping construction. In order to improve the ATK DMG output, five Searing Raspberry Cookie toppers to Espresso are necessary. This set is ideal if you want more DMG from the Espresso cookie.

Swift Chocolate Toppings with ATK DMG sub-stats would be an alternative Espresso Cookie Toppings construction set, albeit it is not advised. Five Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings are another option, but after trying it out, you’ll see that it’s not quite as good and effective.

Espresso Cookie Skill

His standard skill is known as Grinding, whereas Perfect Extraction is the name of his Magic Candy skill. His default ability causes aerial damage while drawing adversaries closer. Additionally, it can stop opponent skills in their tracks. Espresso Cookie temporarily gains resistance to all interruption effects when using his skill.

Even if opponents are impervious to interruption, his Magic Candy talent will nudge them closer to the center. Additionally, this skill will cause a lot of heavy damage. This skill’s ultimate burst might obstruct opposing abilities. Espresso Cookie executes everything with exactitude and is a serious, haughty, and smart perfectionist.

He has a formal, quiet accent and tends to speak quickly to the point of being harsh. He takes great pleasure in his knowledge and Coffee Magic since he is a well-respected wizard, but he is also open to other recommendations as long as they are helpful. Espresso Cookie is incredibly precise and perceptive in his work, rejecting any room for mistake.

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