Herb Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Herb Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

The Herb Cookie from the Cookie Run Kingdom is an Epic Cookie of the Healing type whose position is given priority in the rear of the squad. Being a pure healer with a focus on sustained healing, he makes for a fantastic teammate for longer boss fights in the Alliance, Guild, and World Exploration. He is a member of the Healing kind and makes an appearance in Herb Cookie’s New Plant, a side narrative in which he adopts Cookiesnap, a plant that consumes cookies.

Herb Cookie is a plant enthusiast who treats his plants with the same respect as good parents do their children: when they become unwell, he will do his best to treat them before moving them to a cool spot during sweltering weather. He also demonstrates that he is an extremely kind and nice cookie, referring to the player as an awesome buddy and frequently showing other cookies a lot of generosity.

Continue reading to learn about the best Herb Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Herb Cookie Toppings Builds

Herb Cookie should follow a similar pattern for toppings designed for healers, which often focus on lowering their cooldown so that friends can be healed as frequently as possible. The traditional desired topping for Herb Cookie is a full Swift Chocolate Build, though particular playstyles should be taken into account when utilizing toppings. Swift Chocolate is a generic Herb Cookie build that emphasizes lowering cooldowns.

His cooldown will drop from 17 to 14 if five Epic Swift Chocolate Toppings are used. According to the PvE level being played or the make-up of the opposing team in PvP, a Full Searing Raspberry build can boost Herb Cookie’s healing stats by 25 to 40 percent. His healing powers are now on par with those of Pure Vanilla Cookie, who is commonly regarded as Cookie Run Kingdom’s top healer.

Herb Cookie Skill

Herb Cookie transforms the terrain into a lovely mini-garden, wiping out all bonuses and replenishing some HP for the entire group. Herb Cookie gradually restores some HP while he is near sprouts. Herb Cookie needs to gather the Sun Jelly and Rain Jelly that will occur in Ovenbreak at specific intervals. Fill the Raindrop Gauge with Rain Jelly. No additional raindrops may be stored if the Raindrop Gauge is full.

To bring forth the Sun, gather Sun Jelly. The Sun transforms ordinary and bears jelly into Sprout jelly using the rain it has gathered. It’s crucial to concentrate particularly on his Sun and Rain jellies because missing even one can result in a significant loss of points. If the player can utilize an enhanced Mini Magnet Robot with good timing and is serious about their confidence level, it might be helpful.

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