Ollie (Osiris) Guide Dislyte

Ollie (Osiris) Guide Dislyte




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Base ATK: 1173
Base HP: 13521
Base DEF: 830
Base SPD:93

Ollie Info

Under the cover of anonymity and the protective gaze of Osiris, this young man nurses his pain.

Ollie is a fighter Esper in Dislyte with support abilities who can keep allies alive. Hookstrike inflicts Silence on an enemy while dealing damage to them. When an ally takes a fatal hit, Salvific Judgements prevents them from dying, granting Invincibility and Renovery; then it casts Law of Duat on the attacker.

Law of Duat inflicts DEF Down and Taunt on an enemy while dealing massive damage based on their maximum HP and the caster’s ATK. This skill grants the caster Invincibility after ascension.

Remember to check out Dislyte on PC so you can see Ollie and other esper’s fantastic designs as well as the game graphics in higher quality.

Set Recommendations

Set No. 1
War Machine Set x4: +30% ATK
Fiery Incandescence Set x2: +20% Crit Rate

Set No. 2
War Machine Set x4: +30% ATK
The Light Above Set x2: +20% C.Rate

Una II Main Stats: C. RATE, C. DMG
Una IV Main Stats: ATK%
Mui II Main Stats: ATK%, SPD

Ollie Skills


Deals damage to an enemy equal
to 120% of ATK with a(n) 80% chance of inflicting for 1 turn.

Salvific Judgments

When an allied Esper takes a fatal hit, grants Salvific Judgements to prevent them from dying, as well as Invincibility and Recovery for 1 turn, and casts Law of Duat on the attacker once. Cooldown: 5 turns

Law Of Duat

Deals damage to an enemy equal
to 200% of ATK plus a portion or
the target’s max HP. Inflicts DEF Down for 2 turns and turn while granting the caster Invincibility for 1 turn. Cooldown: 4 turns

Captain Ability

Increases ally SPD by 25%

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