Buzz Lightyear Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Buzz Lightyear Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Buzz Lightyear is a range guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. When it comes to the performance of Buzz Lightyear he is decent and can deal some serious shock damage. In order to get most of him, you have to build his talent to deal shock damage which will have great synergy with his skills.

Overall decent guardians to have but if you get a better range guardian you can replace him. You can get Buzz Lightyear from crystals. If you do not have crystals you can try and use Disney Mirrorverse codes that can contain them. 

Buzz Lightyear Stats:

  • Role: Range
  • Base DMG: 551
  • DMG Resistance: 79.96%
  • Max Armor: 3868
  • Critical Chance: 42.59%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 504
  • Max Health: 5222

Buzz Lightyear Talent Build 

When it comes to talent build for Buzz Lightyear you have to focus on getting as much damage as possible made you will be able to do that by building him around shock damage. You can try other talents but this build is the best that most players are using. 

Energy Shield– When Buzz Lightyear deals critical damage he will get a defense buff that will last the whole battle. This is a great talent for increasing survivability. 

EMP Module- If the enemy that Buzz Lightyear is attacking does not have armor, critical hits will inflict Shock damage that can deal an insane amount of damage.

Disrupting Upgrade- When Buzz Lightyear activates his core ability he will remove armor from the target and shock damage from the Special ability will deal even more damage. Overall great talent to have for increasing shock damage. 

Buzz Lightyear Skills

Special Ability: Disruptor Cannon

Cooldown: 9 seconds Buzz’s deals 200% Damage to all enemies in a straight line and removes 100% Armor from each target. Enemies hit by Buzz’s Special Ability are inflicted with a Shock. dealing 60% damage per second, for 5 seconds. If an enemy is inflicted with a Shock. then hit by the Special Ability, they are Stunned for 2 seconds.

Core Ability: Disruptor Pulse

Buzz’s Basic Attacks remove -5% Armor from enemy targets. Buzz’s Heavy Attacks remove -25% Armor and have a 60% chance to inflict 5% Shock damage per second. for 5 seconds. After a Dash. Buzz gains a +50% Focus Buff for 2 seconds. [Max Stacks: 1]

Signature Ability: Disruptive Plating

When Buzz uses his Special Ability. he gains 7.31% Armor.

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