Donald Duck Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Donald Duck Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Donald Duck is a tank guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. When it comes to Donald Duck’s performance he is decent, he does not provide anything to his party members but he will increase defense and armor to himself which will make him extremely tanky. Overall decent tank guardian that you can use. You can get Donald Duck from crystals that you can get from various sources and one of them is Disney Mirrorverse codes.

Donald Duck Talent Build

Donald Duck Talent Build

Donald Duck’s talent build is focused on increasing his armor and defense. This will make him an extremely powerful tank with a lot of survivability. You can test other talents but this is what most players are using.

Boiling Over- Donald Duck’s core ability has an additional chance to activate

Steeled Resolve- Donald Duck’s special ability grants additional armor when activated. This talent is great to increase the survivability of Donald Duck.

Defensive Attitude- Donald Duck’s core ability has a chance to grant an additional defensive buff when activated.

Donald Duck Skills

Special Ability: Aggressive Passion

Each time Donald Duck activates his Special Ability, he gains 10% Defense as Armor. Each Defense Buff on Donald Duck is removed and replaced with a 10% Attack Buff for 10 seconds. [Max Stacks: 10] Donald Duck deals 400% damage and Knocks Back all enemies around him.

Core Ability: Passive Aggression

Each time an enemy hits Donald Duck, he has a 10% chance to gain a 10% Defense Buff for the remainder of the Encounter. [Max Stacks: 10]

Signature Ability: Reinforcements

Donald Duck’s Special Ability grants an additional 50% Armor. Donald Duck’s Special Ability now deals 200% additional damage.

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