Minnie Mouse Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Minnie Mouse Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Minnie Mouse is a melee guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. Minnie Mouse is a decent guardian that is equipped with sprung, damage and burn effects. When you compare her to other guardians you will notice that she is average. So you can freely use her if you don’t have any better guardians. You can get her from different types of crystals so make sure that you redeem all Disney Mirrorverse codes that can contain crystals and other valuable rewards.

Minnie Mouse Talent Build

Minnie Mouse Talent Build

Minnie Mouse’s talent build is easy to build. You want to get talents that have the most damage increase because she is a guardian who is for dealing damage. Because her skills are focused on burn damage it is best to increase her burn damage and abilities with talents that are giving damage. The build that we are recommending is what most players are using and it is the best.

Strong Spirit- Attack Buffs from Minnie Mouse core’s ability are 20%+ stronger with a serious increase in damage.

Passion Fire- Burn from Minnie Mouse’s special ability is 20%+ stronger which is one more great increase in damage.

Fearless Focus- Minnie Mouse Special Ability gains a Focus Buff for each attack buff from her core ability for the duration of her Special ability. This is a great talent that you have to have no matter what other talent you will use.

Minnie Mouse Skills

Special Ability: Fist Of Heart’s Fire

Deals 400% damage and Knocks Back all enemies in a short line towards the current target. This attack inflicts a Burn, dealing 20% damage every second for 5 seconds to all enemies hit

Core Ability: Inner Strength

When Minnie Mouse hits her target, she gains Hearthfire Charges equal to the number of Buffs on that enemy. Heartfire Charges each grant 10% Attack and 10% Defense. Heartfire Charges are removed and replaced if Minnie hits a new target. [Max Stacks: 10] When Minnie Mouse hits her target, Basic Attacks have a 20% chance, and Heavy Attacks have a 100% chance to grant her 10% Attack Buffs for the rest of the current combat. [Max Stacks: 10]

Signature Ability: Plucky Punch

Minnie Mouse’s Special Ability has a 20% chance per Attack Buff or Hearthfire Charge from her Core Ability to Stun enemies hit for 3 seconds. Minnie Mouse’s Special Ability applies a -20% Attack Debuff to enemies hit for 9 seconds. [Max Stacks: 1]

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