How to increase general power and quality Evony The King’s Return

How to increase general power and quality

In Evony The King’s Return, general power is an indicator that shows how strong your general is, and there are only a few things that contribute to general power. You will not be able to defeat other players with less general power simply because you have more general power. There are numerous factors that influence your overall general power.

You can increase your general power with:
General Equipment 
Spiritual Beast and Dragon 

General Stats 

Generals can have stats for leadership, attack, political, and defense.

The first and most important way to increase stats is by leveling your generals. Your stats will improve as you progress through the levels. You will be able to level up your generals to the max level with time and effort.

The second method is to cultivate options. It’s simple to do and will boost your overall stats, giving you more power.

Enchanting- Enchanting is important because it provides you with a lot of stats. To gain general stars, you must first raise your general level.

Equipping beasts– they are a great way to gain bonus stats, but they are difficult to upgrade and reach a reasonable level.

General Specialization

General specialization is essentially a skill leveling up. It will boost your general power and overall strength. There are five levels of specialization. The issue with a specialty is that it pays to win, and it is impossible to reach level 5 specialty if you play for free.

General equipment

This is one of the quickest ways to boost your overall power in Evony The King’s Return. The issue with equipment is that it can be difficult to obtain. The amount of power you get from gear is determined by its star, refinement, and other factors.

General Color and Quality

In Evony’s The King’s Return, there are five different general qualities, and the higher the quality, the stronger the general.

Qualities are

White (common)
Green (uncommon)
Blue (Rare)
Purple (Epic)
Gold (Legendary)

Higher-quality generals are difficult to find, and investing in them will require significant resources, but it will be worthwhile in the long run. Generals of higher quality Legendary and Epic characters will have much better stats as you level them up, as well as many more specialties.

It is worthwhile to invest in them because they will outclass any lower-quality generals, even if the lower-quality generals have better equipment and research.
Also, always focus on historical generals; they are far superior and will provide you with more value over time.


It is relatively easy to increase general power, but it means nothing because it is just a number. There are numerous factors that contribute to your overall strength, such as research, stats, equipment refinement, and so on.

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