Spiritual Beasts Guide in Evony The King’s Return

Spiritual Beasts Guide

Spiritual beasts in Evony The King’s Return are one-of-a-kind troops who will fight alongside your generals. They can’t die; they just work like gears. They will only improve your general’s stats.

They can be found in pasture buildings and upgraded. To build pastures, your keep must be level 21. Now, in order to unlock beasts, you must also increase the pasture level. You can use four different beasts. Each beast is unique and will provide you with different stats.

Scorpion-will give you range stats so it is great if you are using archers, troops and generals.
Bird of Hurricane- it will give you mounted stats and most players are going for this type of beast.
Lord Of Lava- this beast is great for ground troops.
Behemoth King- most people are avoiding this beast simply because it is giving siege stats.

How to assign beast to general

It is, however, relatively simple to accomplish. You must first open the general detail screen, and then look for the dragon symbol on the top left side. You must press it in order to be able to assign it. The same is true for unassign. You must exercise caution with this option because if you unassign it from the general, the beast will be locked for one hour.

Beasts Leveling

It’s actually quite simple, and we can say that it’s pay to win. If you are a small player, it is not worth it to level beasts because the requirements are too high, you have better options for spending your gold medals and gems, and the value you will receive is insufficient. It is preferable to invest your resources in gear that will provide you with significantly better stats and value.

Generals in Evony The King’s Return will require beasts to unlock skills. In that case, investing is worthwhile, but you do not need to have a beast at max level to unlock that skill. So you can buy a few low-level beasts and leave them there until you get better gear.

How to Get Spiritual Beast EXP

There are several ways to gain experience for spiritual beasts. You shouldn’t put too much emphasis on it because you’ll get a lot of them from activity and play, but it’s useful to know how to get them.

There are 4 ways and they are:
Resources tiles-
World Boss Event– If you enter in top 100
Boss Monster- they are dropping a decent amount of beast experience
Event Boss- they are dropping similar experience to world bosses
Black Market- this one is not worth it, it costs too much.


Beasts in Evony The King’s Return are not that great if you are free to play player. They start out too weak and require a lot of resources to get to a decent level, but you will get much better value if you invest in monarch gear. The best thing you can do is to invest in a few beast levels and assign them to generals who will benefit from them. If you have a beast PC you should definitely try Evony The King’s Return on PC.

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