How To Get Gear in Summoners War Chronicles

How To Get Gear in Summoners War Chronicles

Welcome, fellow Summoners, to the ultimate guide for early game gear progression in Summoners War Chronicles! This article is designed to help you navigate the often confusing world of gear improvement and power level enhancement, providing you with actionable steps to make your Summoner stronger and more competitive.

We’ll delve into the importance of professions, crafting, and raids while offering our insights and opinions on how to maximize your progress in this exciting and challenging game.

Professions and Crafting

To kickstart your journey in Summoners War Chronicles, it’s essential to understand the importance of professions and crafting. Early on, prioritize leveling up your processing and alchemy professions to level 3.

This will enable you to craft Transcendence pieces, which are crucial for leveling up your Summoner. At the same time, focus on advancing your blacksmithing profession to level 4, as this is the gateway to more powerful gear.

Gear Progression Process

We’ve broken down the gear progression process into four manageable steps. These steps will guide you through improving your gear and increasing your Summoner’s power level:

Subjugation for Starter Legendary Gear

The first step to gear progression in Summoners War Chronicles is farming Subjugation at level 10. By focusing on this level, you’ll have access to legendary gear, green Transcendence pieces, and valuable subjugation tokens. Level up your gear as much as possible to give your Summoner a significant power level boost.

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Foggy Prison Raid


Once you’ve acquired a solid foundation of legendary gear, it’s time to tackle the Foggy Prison Raid. Aim to complete your weekly entries early so that you can take advantage of daily support runs. This raid will provide you with better 5-star gear, crafting materials, and Foggy Prison coins. Use these coins in the raid coin exchange to purchase powerful 5-star Second Awakening gear, which can potentially become 5-star Third Awakening gear.

Enhancing Your Gear with Gems and Spell books

In the third step of gear progression in Summoners War Chronicles, utilize your alchemy profession to craft gems and spellbooks. Equipping these items to your gear will result in a significant power level increase. Start with small upgrades and gradually work your way up. Even equipping gray stones can make a difference in boosting your power level.

Upgrading Your Gear through Blacksmithing

As you advance your blacksmithing profession to at least level 6, you’ll be able to further upgrade your gear. Use the Foggy Prison or White Shadow Castle gear for Awakening, focusing on gear sets that are most beneficial to your specific Summoner. This targeted approach will help you maximize your power level gains.

Raid Strategy and Resource Management

To make the most of your time and resources in Summoners War Chronicles, plan your raid strategy wisely. Save raid tickets for new raid openings, and continue to participate in Foggy Prison raids for valuable crafting materials and coins. Striking the right balance between different raids will help you progress more efficiently.

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Advanced Gear for Your Summoner

As you continue playing Summoners War Chronicles, you’ll want to invest in crafting advanced 6-star Second Awakening gear. This will require materials from various raids and world events. Prioritize crafting gear that best complements your specific Summoner type to maximize the benefits of your efforts.

Higher Power Levels in Summoners War Chronicles

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to reach higher power levels as a free-to-play player in Summoners War Chronicles. Gaining access to advanced content, such as the White Shadow Castle, will further boost your gear score and improve your Summoner’s overall strength.


In summary, to excel in Summoners War Chronicles, focus on leveling up professions, mastering subjugation for starter legendary gear, conquering Foggy Prison Raid, enhancing your gear with gems and spellbooks, upgrading your gear through blacksmithing, and crafting advanced gear.

By adhering to these gear progression steps and effectively managing your raid strategy, you’ll be well on your way to reaching new heights in power level and enjoying the thrilling challenges that this game has to offer.

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