Whiteout Survival Hero Gear Guide

Whiteout Survival Hero Gear Guide

Understanding the terminology related to Hero Gear is a crucial first step in mastering Whiteout Survival. Let’s break down the different tiers, from the lowest to the highest: Common, Rare, Elite, Epic, and Mythic. Each successive tier provides additional attribute bonuses, meaning that heroes equipped with higher-tier gear will perform better in various aspects such as Attack, Defense, and Health.

You’ll also encounter the term “Enhancement XP” frequently. This is a specific type of experience points needed to upgrade your gear, making it more powerful and efficient. Knowing these basic terms will make the rest of your Hero Gear journey significantly smoother.

Unlocking Hero Gear

To start utilizing Hero Gear in Whiteout Survival, you’ll need to meet certain prerequisites. First and foremost, your Furnace must reach level 15. This achievement unlocks the ability to equip Hero Gear, which significantly augments your heroes’ abilities.

Some heroes, like Molly who is a Gold-quality hero, come with an additional gear slot. This offers more opportunities for customization and strategizing. This extra slot is generally reserved for what’s known as “Exclusive Gear,” which we’ll delve into later. For most heroes, however, you will typically have four gear slots available: Headgear, Gloves, Belts, and Boots.

Types of Hero Gear

Types of Hero Gear

Hero Gear in Whiteout Survival is designed with a keen focus on diversity, allowing you to strategize based on your specific needs and gameplay style. These gears come in five distinct qualities, each with their own set of attribute bonuses. The lowest tier is Grey, followed by Green, Blue, Purple, and the most powerful being Gold, which is equivalent to Mythic tier in game terminology.

Another interesting aspect is that Hero Gear is class-specific. For example, if you have an Infantry Hero like Sergey, you can only equip him with Infantry-designated Hero Gear. It’s not one-size-fits-all; you’ll need to align the gear to the specific class of each hero.

In terms of the highest level that Hero Gear can reach, the ceiling is at level 100. This means you can enhance your gear up to 100 times, incrementally increasing its potency with each upgrade. However, Grey Hero Gear is an exception, as it can’t be enhanced, leaving heroes with limited strength and performance.

Equipping Hero Gear

Equipping Hero Gear

Once you have access to Hero Gear, the next step is to effectively equip your heroes to maximize their potential. Each hero has four primary slots: Headgear, Gloves, Belts, and Boots. Each of these slots contributes to different attribute bonuses:

  • Headgear: Primarily enhances your Hero’s Attack and Health stats and also contributes to a Lethality Command boost.
  • Gloves: Focuses on boosting Hero Defense and Health, along with providing a Health Command bonus.
  • Belts: Similar to Gloves, it boosts Hero Defense and Health but also adds a Health Command boost.
  • Boots: Aimed at improving your Hero’s Attack and Health, along with a Lethality Command enhancement.

These specific slots allow for nuanced customization, so you can tailor your heroes according to the strategic needs of your gameplay. You can make upgrades and replacements through the Gear tab on the Hero screen, where you’ll also find indicators like a green arrow showing which gear can be enhanced further. Make sure that you are using gear on best Whiteout Survival Heroes.

Obtaining Hero Gear

In Whiteout Survival, getting your hands on Hero Gear involves strategic planning and resource management. If you’re starting out, your focus should be on gears ranging from Common to Elite. These can be primarily acquired through Exploration Mode, Arena Battles, and Intel Missions.

As you progress, your ambitions should shift towards higher-level gear, specifically Epic and Mythic tiers. Such high-end equipment can be procured from the Arena Shop, and the currency required for this is Arena Tokens. Therefore, being an active participant in arena activities and hoarding Arena Tokens will serve you well in the long run.

Equipping Hero Gear

Once you’ve obtained the necessary Hero Gear, your next focus should be on equipping your heroes appropriately. Heroes have distinct slots—Headgear, Gloves, Belts, and Boots—each responsible for boosting specific attributes. For instance, Headgear significantly augments a Hero’s attack capabilities and overall health, along with an additional perk related to Lethality Command.

Gloves and Belts lean more towards bolstering defense and health, with Gloves adding a Health Command boost. Boots, meanwhile, contribute to Hero Attack and Health and also grant a Lethality Command boost. The key here is to align the gear types with the heroes’ strengths or areas needing improvement. There is a chance that you get gear from Whiteout Survival codes, so redeem all of them.

Enhancements and Forging

After equipping your Hero Gear, you’re not done. The gear can and should be further enhanced. Enhancements involve using Enhancement XP Components or even other Hero Gear as input materials. When you tap on any gear item, it displays details like its current level of enhancement, the attribute bonuses it provides, and the available Command Buffs.

Enhancement points are integral to this process, and each tier of gear—except Grey—offers different points for enhancement. Forging is another mechanism to look out for. Special events in the game provide opportunities to obtain Forging Stones, which you can use to significantly augment your Hero Gear.

Once your gear reaches Gold quality, you unlock Mastery Forging, which necessitates having your Furnace and Gear at level 20. This technique uses Essence Stones and boosts all attributes of the gear, making it a pivotal action for players reaching advanced stages.

Upgrading Hero Gear

The concept of “upgrading” in Whiteout Survival is multi-faceted. Firstly, once you’ve gotten a high-rarity gear like Mythic, it’s not the end; these gear levels can be escalated further. The mechanism involves absorbing lower-tier gears (from Common to Elite) into the higher-tier ones. Secondly, there’s a Quick Select button that selects items for upgrading your gear automatically, making the process streamlined.

The maximum level a Hero Gear can reach is 100, necessitating a total of 73,320 Enhancement XP. Achieving this would unlock the gear’s utmost potential, enhancing your hero’s performance significantly. But one must bear in mind that not all gears are upgradable. Grey-quality gear, for instance, remains stagnant and can’t be improved.

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