How to Level Up Battle Pass Fast in Hunt Showdown

How to Level Up Battle Pass Fast in Hunt Showdown

Every few months, Hunt Showdown will get a new event. With the event, players will be able to play new versions of the map, use new guns, etc. With the new event, players will also be able to get hands-on new Battle pass, both premium and free.

Battle pass in Hunt Showdown is great because it offers a lot of rewards, like skins, but you need to level it up, which can take some time. To level a battle pass, you need to collect event points, but a lot of players do not know how to get them. Currently, the best way to get points is by completing weekly challenges.

How to Get Event Points For Battle Pass in Hunt Showdown

TaskEvent Points
Event Clue or Rift10
Boss Banish12
Token Extraction30
Spine Altar Interacting 6
Spine Altar Destroying3
Looting a Hunter1
Winning Soul Survivor Mode30
Dark Tribute150
Challenges EP vary

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are the best way to get event points for leveling battle passes in Hunt Showdown. Each week, you will get four different event quests that you have to complete. When you complete them, you will get event points, but the amount of points depends on how hard the quest was. Quest has ratings, and the more ratings it has, the more points it will give you. We recommend that you try to complete the hardest ones.


Altars, as their name says, are small structures that are scattered around the map in Hunt Showdown. When you destroy it, you and other players on your team will get event points. There are a lot of them on the map, and if you get 30 points during the match, you will get trait points that you can use to purchase a special trait on a caravan.

They also glow red if enemy players are close. We recommend that you interact with it in order to destroy it, because you will get 6 points. If you destroy it using weapons, you will only get 3 points.

Other ways to get points

Other ways to get points
  • Clues: During the event, when you collect clues, you will get 10 points.
  • Boss Banish: When you banish the boss, you will get 12 event points, and if you extract clues, you will get 30 additional event points.
  • Looting Hunter: When you loot a dead hunter, you will get 12 event points.
  • Winning Soul Survivor Mode: You will get 30 points if you win, but it is not an effective method.
  • Dark Tribute: When you give the first offering of the day to a dark tribute, you will get 150 points. So do not forget to do that.

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