Action Points Stamina Points Tips And Tricks

Infinity Kingdom Action Points Stamina Points Tips And Tricks

The importance and worth of AP and SP (Action Points & Stamina Points) in the Infinity Kingdom is pretty much known to gamers who enjoy this classic.

It’s a no-brainer that your Kingdom’s overall growth and power development depend on these two vital in-game features. However, starters may not efficiently gain the Action and Stamina Points in the game, and they are running behind many players.

This piece will give you a haul of tips and tricks on how to score AP and SPs in the Infinity Kingdom effectively. It’s about time you progress with ease.

Gaining AP and SPs:

There are quite a few ways to gain AP and SP separately and even as a whole in the game. Let’s dive into the options through which you can collect AP and SP fast and efficiently.



The VIP Exclusive Privilege in the Infinity Kingdom allows you to boost the AP and SP in their respective levels.

In VIP 2, you get an upper limit of +20 in SP. Post that, you get to unlock the upper limit of +40 SP in VIP 5. Progressing further to level 11, the boost you get for the SP upper limit is +80. And when you manage to reach level 14, you hit a +100 in the SP upper limit.

You get the boosts in your AP, too, as you progress in the VIP level along with SP. The maximum upper limit you can reach for AP is 1600 total in the 14th level of VIP, with 250 as the maximum upper limit total.

It is great to push for VIP 9 as a newbie, allowing you to be more efficient in collecting overall AP and SP collection for the long run.

The Lord Talents

Lord Talents

The Lord Talents are also a place to keep your eye on to gain AP and SP in the game. There are primarily four major Lord Talents on which you should focus while thinking of AP and SP.

Experienced: This Lord Talent perk boosts Immortals to gain 100% bonus EXP when fighting Gnome Units.

Divine Walker: This Talent perk increases marching speed by 50% and reduces marching AP cost to zero at the same time.

Safe and Sound: This saves your troops from death while fighting Gnomes. Safe and Sound is a huge saving for your healing and other aspects.

Glorious Return: The Talent doubles the rewards obtained from defeating each Gnome Unit.

Other Ways to Save AP and SP

It is important to remember that doing Gnomes, Bosses, and raids in Well of Time keeps getting you those great rewards. These raids all reinvest back into the efficient functioning of your mortals.

Another important tip while using AP is that you need to wisely use your skills before using the remainder of your AP. Because you are taking full advantage of Safe and Sound, you can do up to six hits with your AP compared to not using any skills with your AP.

After you get the three chests going simultaneously, you can move to the Gnomes, having more AP to work with. By doing so is how you can prevent from running out or shortage of AP.

Coming to the SP, it’s a safer move to keep trying for higher levels in the Well of Time anytime you increase your Troop power.

Pro Tip of the Day

The trick of our sleeve will help you save immense Action Points in-game. You need to make sure that you are saving enough AP prior to seizing a city. It is by far the most important thing to do as it ensures that the number of players showing up for your city siege already has maximum AP.

In this way, every player showing up to capture the city can use that free AP accumulated towards the wall. It is an important tip a lot of Alliances are missing out on.


Now, you know the effective ways to gain and save valuable Action Points and Stamina Points. Now all you need to do is apply them.

Go ahead and chalk out your strategies, lead your Alliance and capture some cities!

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