Team Formation Guide in Infinity Kingdom 2023

Team Formation Guide in Infinity Kingdom 2021

Before we talk about team formations in Infinity Kingdom, there’s a lot you need to know. First, let’s talk about elements. 

It’s important to know what your opponents’ attributes are so that you can plan your own accordingly. By countering your opponents’ elements, you can increase how much damage your team gives while reducing how much damage your team takes. 

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 There are a total of seven elements in Infinity Kingdom. 

  1. Earth
  2. Wind
  3. Fire 
  4. Water
  5. Lightning 
  6. Shadow 
  7. Holy. 

Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses. Earth is strongest when against Water, Water is considerably strong when against the Fire, Fire is strongest when against Wind, Wind is strongest when it is against Lightning, and Lightning is extremely strong when against Earth. Shadow can counter all of these elements but is vulnerable to Holy. Simple, right?

Now, let’s talk about the next component of forming an indestructible team: Immortals and Dragons. 

Let’s begin with Immortals. There are five different types of Immortals available, from the weakest to the strongest we have: Regular, Unusual, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Pairing legendary heroes with regular heroes will give the regular heroes a massive boost.

Their stats will go up to be equal to the legendary hero’s basic stats. Pairing a legendary hero with an epic hero won’t give as large of a boost, so if you decide to go with them then pick your Immortals with their main skills in mind. 

There are four types of troops that Immortals can come in: Shieldmen, Spearmen, Bowmen, and Cavalry. Just like elements, different troops are stronger against different types. Shield Men are strong against Spearmen, Spearmen are strong against Cavalry, and Cavalry are strong against Shieldmen. Bowmen, however, do not have an advantage over any other troop type. 

It goes without saying that Immortals are a valuable part of any team. They can decide how many troops you bring into battle and how efficient they are. Having several immortals of the same element in your team will help boost your power and reduce the amount of damage your team endures.

But your team shouldn’t consist of only Immortals. It’d be best to add one Dragon to a team of four Immortals. Adding a Dragon with the same element as your Immortals will give you a massive boost to your stats and make your team ever more effective. 

Now that we’ve discussed all these details, there’s only one question left to address. What element should your team be? Well, that depends on what you want. 


An earth team is a powerful team with strong defense and control. It’s great in terms of survivability, regeneration, and damage resistance. Some of the Immortals you can use for your earth team include:

  1. Cleopatra 
  2. Amanitore
  3. Guy Marius 
  4. Leonidas
  5. Alexander the Great
  6. Zenobia
  7. Charlemagne


Air teams have good area damage. They can stand on their own and, depending on the Immortals you use, can stay on the battlefield for quite a while. Some of the Immortals you can add to your team include: 

  1. King Arthur
  2. Robin Hood
  3. Mulan
  4. Montezuma
  5. Qin Shi Huangdi
  6. Baldwin IV
  7. Saladin
  8. Hannibal Burke


A fire team is easy to assemble for the Arena. They can quickly eliminate the enemy’s back row with its specialization in dealing explosive damage.  The Immortals you can add to your team include:

  1. Spartacus
  2. Sanada Yukimura
  3. Solomon
  4. Wu Zetian
  5. Ippolita
  6. William I 
  7. Ashoka


A team of water elementals specialize in freezing its enemies. However, you should be aware that the back row is open to attacks from the enemy’s back row. It is a great option for free-to-play players since collecting the required shards is easier as the beginning stages of the game. Build up a team with:

  1. Attila
  2. Merlin
  3. Ramses II
  4. Yoshitsune
  5. Harald III
  6. Elena the Beautiful
  7. Brunhilda


An advanced lightning team is quite strong in terms of physical damage and control. Even a basic team would be a good option for PvE and PvP since it’s suitable for both offense and defense. Your team can include:

  1. Genghis Khan
  2. Peter the Great
  3. Lee Songge
  4. El Cid
  5. William Wallace
  6. Constance
  7. Bedivere

There are a limited number of Shadow and Holy Immortals available in the game. So while it may not be possible to have a team of purely Legendary Immortals for these elements, you can still form a pretty strong team that causes an incredible amount of damage.


Shadow characters deal a huge amount of damage, and they have impressive abilities. You can have a shadow team with the following Immortals:

  1. Elizabeth Bathory
  2. Medb
  3. Siegfried
  4. Flavius Belisarius


This team can last a long time in battle with its powerful healing and high damage. One team formation can include:

  1. Julius Caesar
  2. Theodora
  3. Joan of Arc
  4. Gilgamesh

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