Lotr Rise To War Beornings

Lotr Rise To War Beornings

In LOTR Rise To War, you can find, capture, and hire Beornings, which are beast special units. They are powerful units that are worth capturing and hiring. To obtain Beornings, you must capture and defeat Beornings’ camp, which is not difficult to accomplish.

Beornings are a relatively popular troop among LOTR players and fans, so demand will be high because there is a limited number of Beornings camps that can be captured. So you must capture Beornings as soon as possible or you will run out of them on the map.

One of the problems with Beornings is that they require a lot of gold and other resources to train, and they will be difficult to train in the early stages of the game when you are spending your gold on upgrading troops and buildings.

But that doesn’t stop you from capturing them; you can capture Beornings and train them later in the game to increase your resource production.

How to counter Beornings

If you are a strong player, you will easily defeat Beornings, but if you are a new player, you will struggle if you do not use the appropriate troops and commanders to counter Beornings.

Reading their skills is the best and only way to learn what counters to Beornings. When you check their skills, you will notice that they are beast units, which means you should use commanders and troops that do bonus damage against beast units and that will do pure damage. Beornings have one skill that removes debuffs, so you don’t want to use a commander who does a lot of debuffing.

You can go to your city and read about the skills your commander and troops have, and you’ll notice that Master ax throwers from Durin do extra damage against beasts.

When the time comes to occupy Beornings, you will have 1 hour after your first attack to prepare your troops. To be more efficient, try to find Beornings’ camp near your city or build a fort near it so you don’t have to waste time walking back.

If you don’t capture Beornings camp within 1 hour, all troops inside will be refreshed, and you’ll have to start over. So, before you attack them, plan and prepare.

Location of Beornings

Location of Beornings

As previously stated, there is a limited number of Beornings that you can capture, and it is difficult to locate all locations on the map. The map search is the best and most efficient way to find Beornings. Simply exit your city, and next to the map, you’ll see a search option, which you’ll select.

Following that, you’ll see a camp icon that allows you to search for Beornings camp. It will display all nearby camps. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a camp close to your city, but sometimes all camps near you are occupied, so if you find one far away, you can always build a fort next to it.

To find bearings faster download LOTR Rise To War on PC and not only that you will find all the special units faster but you will have a much better gaming experience.

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