Celeborn Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Celeborn Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Celeborn is a tier 2 good side commander available in Season 3 of LOTR Rise To War. He is a support with a lot of focus, whereas hush might and speed are average. The issue with Celeborn is that he is underperforming, so it would be better to invest your time and effort in another commander who will provide you with much better value so check out LOTR Rise To War tier list to find out who are the strongest commander,. To make Celeborn truly powerful, you must use the right troops and equipment, which can take time to obtain and, in most cases, will be unavailable if you are free to play.

“Support” is Celeborn’s base trait. Celeborn gain +25 (Commander) Focus and +5 Skill points from the “Support” trait, which is extremely useful in Celeborn builds.

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Celeborn Build

You will gain skill points to use in your Commander’s talent tree build as they level up. Special traits such as Balanced, Respect level, and others can also be used to earn talent tree points. Celeborn has four primary abilities, each of which is distinct. Each main skill is linked to two additional skills that can be unlocked by investing two points in the main skill. Respect level 0 grants you two skills, while respect levels 3 and 5 grant you one more.

Celeborn Build In Lord Of The Rings Rise To War
Celeborn Build No Marchwarden LOTR Rise To War

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