Cestaro Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Cestaro Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Cestaro is a tier 3 commander for the evil side in LOTR Rise To War, which will be released in Season 3. Cestaro possesses high focus stats but lacks might and speed. Cestaro’s problem is that he is difficult to develop into a powerful commander. You’ll need him at level 5, good gear with high focus and special stats that give bonuses in the first few rounds of combat, and, most importantly, you’ll need to use Undead troops, which can be costly. If you don’t have all of that, it’s best to replace him with a tier 3 commander who is good from the start. Cestaro is the commander for pay-to-win players.

Cestaro is a commander with the base trait “Strategist.” The “Strategist” trait grants Cestaro +25 (Commander) Focus, +2 Skill points, and a 10% bonus to Burn and Poison damage, all of which are extremely beneficial to Cestaro’s skills and build.

Cestaro Build

You will gain skill points to use in your Commander’s talent tree build as they level up. Special traits such as Balanced, Respect level, and others can also be used to earn talent tree points. Cestaro has four primary abilities, each of which is distinct. Each main skill is linked to two additional skills that can be unlocked by investing two points in the main skill. Respect level 0 grants you two skills, while respect levels 3 and 5 grant you one more.

Cestaro Build LOTR Rise To War

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