Cirdan Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Cirdan Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

In LOTR Rise To War, Círdan is a nice Tier 3 commander who will be available in Season 3. Círdan is a commander with a lot of focus, and he is a great commander against evil. To make Círdan even stronger and obtain the majority of his build, you must use the Noldor Longshot army. The issue arises in Season 4 when you will be unable to use the Noldor Longshot army. So, if you can put your time and effort into other commanders while Círdan’s skills are being reworked.

The first thing you should notice and acknowledge about him is his primary characteristic, “Leadership.” Círdan gains +5 Command as a result of the “Leader” trait, which is extremely useful.

Cirdan Build

When your Commander levels up, you will gain a skill point to spend in their skill tree. The Círdan skill tree has four main skills, resulting in four distinct focus points. It’s worth noting that each of the four main skills is linked to two additional skills that you’ll unlock after leveling up the main skill to level 2. To begin, Commander Respect level 0 will give you two main skills, and Respect levels 3 and 5 will give you additional skills that you can build.

Cirdan Build LOTR Rise To War

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