LOTR Rise To War Ents

LOTR Rise To War Ents

Ents are special units in Lotr Rise To War that you can occupy and hire. They are powerful special units that are difficult to obtain for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that there are only a limited number of Entmoot where ents can be found, and many people will try to get their hands on them because they are powerful units that you will use. Furthermore, Entmoot is difficult to occupy, especially if you are a new player.

Another issue is that training Ents will consume a lot of resources, particularly gold, which is difficult to obtain.

Is it worthwhile to use Ents?

You should absolutely use Ents. They have a lot of defensive abilities and stats that make them difficult to destroy. They also have an interesting skill called protector, which causes ents to take damage on behalf of allies.

Also, the tile you must occupy to train ents is called entmoot, and it grants you 640 ring power production, which is insanely high.

How to counter Ents

One of the best ways to counter ents is to use troops and commanders that deal fire damage, as ents take 50% more damage from fire. Troops and commanders that deal poison damage deal 50% less damage to ents, so avoid using them.

We were unable to find a good side and counter for ents, so it is best to send commanders and troops with high amounts of damage to a single target.

How to Defeat Entmoot

Avoid attacking ents if you are a new player; it is simply not worth it. They are powerful, especially in Entmoot, where ents are found. There are two LVL 50 sets of troops.

You will be attacking entmoot frequently in order to defeat troops inside and reduce their durability, so the best option is to find entmoot near your city or build a fort. Because you will attack it a few times you will waste your time walking back to the city and you have only 1h to occupy it. Basically, when you attack Entmood the first time you will start a 1h timer and in that 1h you will have to occupy entmoot or troops inside will be refreshed and you will have to start over again.

Ents and Entmoot Location

Ents and Entmoot Location

The competition will be high so you will have to get your entmoot as soon as you can. When it comes to the location of entmoot, it is difficult to remember all of them, so it is best to use the in-game search function. This function will display the ents location that is closest to your city.

To use this feature, simply click on the search icon next to the map in the top right corner, where you will see a camp icon. When you click on that icon, you will be able to search for all special units, including ents.

You can search for Ents and other beasts if you play on bigger screed so we recommend that you check out Lotr Rise To War on PC.

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