LOTR Rise To War Equipment

LOTR Rise To War Equipment

Equipment in LOTR Rise To War can be difficult to comprehend, so we will go over everything.

Each commander can equip four different pieces of equipment: a weapon, an armor piece, a helmet, and an accessory. Your accessory slot will be locked, and you must upgrade your commander to favor 1 to unlock it. It is relatively simple to accomplish.

There are many different types of equipment in Lotr Rise To War, and completing tasks will grant you access to a variety of them. The issue is determining what to equip.

The first topic we’ll go over is statistics. You want to equip a commander who will benefit the most from gear for that particular stat. For example, you want to equip Gandalf the Grey with Focus stats.

There are restrictions on which races can equip which items. That information can be found on Gear.

One important point to note is that you will not have to worry about obtaining necessary equipment. Simply playing the game will net you a numerous of free items and check LOTR Rise To War PC version for a much better gaming experience.

Strengthen Equipment

Improving equipment is critical in Lotr Rise To War. Every time you Strengthen (upgrade) your equipment, you gain more stats that your commander will benefit from. Only gear of the same type and rarity can be upgraded. Each time you improve your equipment, you will gain one more start.

Equipment for refining

Only epic and higher tiers have access to this. It is comparable to strength training equipment. This improves the bottom half of your equipment’s stats, and your gear will receive a golden star as a result.


This is how the commander is proficient with the equipment. Basically, if your Familiarity is 50%, you will only get 50% of the stats from that equipment. To increase that, you must equip it on the commander and complete your daily tasks. Familiarity will grow over time, and you will reap the greatest benefits from that equipment.

Worn out Equipment

Worn-out equipment is used to reinforce your equipment. Worn-out Equipment has no other application. However, this is advantageous because you do not need to use your regular items that are not worn out to strengthen your equipment.

Equipment dismantling

Dismantling equipment is worthwhile if you want to get the best gear in LOTR Rise To War. When you dismantle equipment, you will obtain fragments that can be exchanged for excellent gear.

Special equipment for Lotr Rise To War

Each commander in LOTR Rise To War has their own set of unique equipment that can be unlocked. This feature will be available in Season 2 of the game. When deciding on which special commander equipment to get, consider what that equipment does for the commander. There is a lot of bad special equipment out there, so be cautious because getting it is a difficult and expensive process.

To unlock special commander equipment, that commander must be leveled up to respect lvl 10. That can be quite difficult. When you reach commander on respect level 10, you will not immediately receive equipment. You will need to complete some quests and obtain items known as Mithrils.

Mithrils are expensive and require some effort to obtain. To begin, you can obtain it with gems by visiting Mathom Exchange. There are 3 qualities of Mithrils. Tier 1 commanders will require Raw Mithril, which costs 250 gems, while Tier 2 commanders will require Impure Mithril, which costs 500 gems, and Tier 3 commanders will require Pure Mithril, which costs 1000 gems.

Mathom Exchange isn’t the only place to get your hands on mithril. You can also get mithril from Tips each day and it is completely free. So if you do it every day, you should be able to accumulate a large amount of mithril without spending any gems.

Another palace where you can get a lot of mithril is Season Quests, but there is a section in Season Quest that you can unlock by spending money. It is worthwhile whether you are a small or large spender. The amount of mithril you will receive is huge.

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