Galadriel Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Galadriel Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Tier 3


Might: 55+0.69xLVL
Speed: 35+0.84xLVL
Focus: 113+3.11xLVL


Galadriel is a Tier 3 commander who is extremely powerful and valuable in LOTR Rise To War. Galadriel is a strategy, and she is stacked with a focus that is extremely useful for survivability. Galadriel’s problem is that she isn’t all that great at level 1 and low level. To get max from Galadriel, you must first get her to respect level 5 so that you can build properly. She will be one of the strongest commanders in the game if you get the right build. With her skill Purity, she is an excellent counter to the evil side commander on Respect level 5.

Galadriel’s “Strategist” feature grants her +25 (Commander) Focus, +2 Skill points, and a 10% bonus to Burn and Poison damage. Galadriel’s strongest attribute is Focus. During the battle, Focus minimizes the amount of damage dealt with by her targeted army.

You will have a talent point to use in your Commander’s skill tree once they level up. The Galadriel talent tree has four main skills and consequently four different focus points. It’s worth noting that each of these four major skills is linked to two other skills that you’ll gain access to after leveling up the main skill to level 2. On Commander Respect level 0, you will have two main skills, to begin with.

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Galadriel Build LOTR Rise To War

Respect level 0 Build

Mistress of Magic- [Galadriel] Focus Damage +%. On Max Level Normal attacks now cause Focus Damage.

  • Surge– Deals % Focus Damage twice (effect modified by Focus stat). Each separate attack chooses a different target.
  • Focus Wrath– [Against 1 Enemy Target(s)] Deals % Focus Damage (effect modified by Focus stat) and inflicts Madness for 1 round(s).

Lady of Lorien– [Allied Units] Recovery received + %. On Max Level Focus +15.

  • Purity- [Each Round] [All Allies] 14.3% chance of removing one random debuff.
  • Parting Gift – [Round 8] [All Allied Units] Recover 54.2% HP (effect modified by Focus stat).

Respect level 3 Build

White Council– [All Allied Units] First 3 instance(s) Of damage received % (effect modified by Focus stat). On Max Level [Commander] Gain Stun Immunity.

  • Champion of the Light– [All Allies] Damage to Orcs, Uruk-hai and Trolls +4.0%.
  • High Alert– [Allied Units] Focus, Burn and Poison Damage received -7.1%.

Respect level 5 Build

Nenya’s Guardian– [Galadriel] Focus +2.0%. On Max Level Focus +15.

  • Ring of Water– [1 Allied Unit(s)] Recover 51.4% HP and gain a 50.0% chance of recovering an additional 51.4% HP.
  • Magical Barrier– [Army] Defense +3.2 during combat (effect modified by Focus stat).

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