King Of Dead Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

King Of Dead Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Tier 3


Might: 81+1.62xLVL
Speed: 85+2.18xLVL
Focus: 81+1.02xLVL


In LOTR Rise To War, King Of Dead is an extremely powerful tier 3 commander. His 2 specializations are Leader and Control. To get the most out of King of the Dead, you must have him at Respect level 5 in order to unlock his extremely powerful Army of the Dead skill. To get most of King Of Dead skills and build you have to use the undead troops. When you reach level 5 of King Of Dead and use the proper gear and troops, you will have a Tier S commander who can counter almost every commander in the game.

The first thing you should notice and acknowledge is his primary trait, “Leader.” The “Leader” trait grants King Of Dead +5 Command, which can be very useful.

You will have a skill point to spend in your Commander’s skill tree whenever they level up. The King Of Dead skill tree has four main skills and thus four different focus points. It’s worth noting that each of these four main skills is linked to two additional skills that you’ll gain access to after leveling up the main skill to level 2. On Commander Respect level 0, you will have two main skills, to begin with.

LOTR Rise To War for PC is recommended for those looking for a more immersive gaming experience. A larger monitor allows for better troop management and a better appreciation of the game’s fantastic graphics.

King Of Dead Build LOTR Rise To War

Respect level 0 Build

Incorporeal– (Enemy Commander] Might and Focus by %. Max Level Effect Might +15.

  • Dreadful Presence– Round 2 [Against 3 Enemy Target(s)] Deals % Focus Damage (effect modified by Focus stat) and can only cause minimum damage for the next 1 round(s)
  • Boggle- [Against 2 Enemy Target(s)] Deals% Focus Damage (effect modified by Focus stat), next Damage Received% (effect modified by Focus stat)

Betrayer- [All Allied units] Damage %. Max Level Effect Enemy and Allied Units Cannot be healed. 

  • Confusion–  [Against Enemy Commander] Focus -4.0 every round,% chance of being Silenced.
  • Intimidation– [Against Enemy Commander] Might -4.0 every round, % chance of being Stunned.

Respect level 3 Build

Men Of the Mountains– [King of the Dead] Might +% during combat [Allied and Enemy Units] Deal minimum damage. Max Level Focus +15.

  • Focus Wrath – [Against 1 Enemy Target(s)] Deals % Focus Damage (effect modified by Focus stat) and inflicts Madness for 1 round(s).
  • Chaotic Retreat– [Enemy Units] Defense – 5.

Respect level 5 Build

Army of the Dead- [Undead] Speed +1.3 and gain Stun Immunity during combat. Max Level Effect- [Undead] Cannot be affected by any skills (from friend or foe) cast during the battle preparation phase.

  • Dead Men of Dunharrow- [Allied Undead] Damage received % (Other Allied and Enemy Races] Damage received %.
  • Frightened- [First 4 Round(s)] [Against 2 Enemy Target(s)] 7.1 % chance of Stunned each round.

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