Lathar Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Lathar Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Lathar is a tier 2 commander for the evil side in Lord of the Rings Rise To War, which will be available in Season 3. Lathar’s stats are pretty amazing. His might is extremely high, which will increase the damage from his skills and the damage from the troops he will use. As a result, it is critical that you use troops with high damage output, such as reapers and crushers. His speed is above average for tier 2 commanders, but he has a very low focus. Because you will be working with orcs, you should use gear that is high on Might and has a bonus for orcs.

If possible, use other commanders instead of Lathar. Lathar’s problem is that he looks good but does not perform well. When he fights, he simply loses too many troops but if you are ok with that you can use him.

The first thing you should notice and acknowledge is his base trait, “Balanced.” The “Balanced” trait grants Lathar +25 (Commander) Might, +25 (Commander Speed), and +2 Skill points, all of which are extremely useful.

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Lathar Build

Lathar Build LOTR Rise To War

When your Commander levels up, you will gain skill points to use in their talent tree build. Talent tree points can also be obtained from special traits such as Balanced, Respect level, and others. Lathar possesses four primary skills, each of which is unique. Each main skill is linked to two additional skills, which you can unlock by investing two points in the main skill. Respect level 0 will give you two skills, and respect levels 3 and 5 will give you one more skill to use.

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