LOTR Rise To War Mysterious Spring

LOTR Rise To War Mysterious Spring

Mysterious Spring is a one-of-a-kind building in LOTR Rise To War that grants 250 ring power to every member of your faction when occupied.

When you occupy a mysterious spring, it will not take up any tile space and you will receive the first occupation reward. The reward is 1500 gold, which is an absurdly small sum for the effort you will give in occupying it first.

Inside Mysterious Spring, you will find two LVL 40 armies. The issue with Mysterious Spring is that it has a lot of durability, so you’ll have to attack it a few times before you can occupy it.

So, if you’re attacking Mysterious Spring without the help of a fellowship members, it’s best to build a fort nearby so you can station troops there. You will save a lot of time. Also, the first time you attack Mysterious Spring, a timer of 1 H will be activated, and you must occupy it within that time before troops inside Mysterious Spring regain 100% hp.

When it comes to troops, it is best to send your most powerful commander. Inside spring, you will find mixed troops that are difficult to counter but relatively easy to defeat.

Why should you occupy a mysterious spring?

We have already stated that it will provide 250 ring power production to all players in your faction, but in Season 1 Chapter 8 Power Struggle, the entire kingdom must occupy 300 Mysterious springs in order to progress to the next chapter and receive gear rewards.

It’s worth noting that once your kingdom completes this chapter, you won’t be able to change factions again, so keep that in mind.

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