LOTR rise to war on PC

LOTR Rise To War PC or Mac Download – November 2021

The Lord of the rings: rise to war is a strategic game where players raise armies and conquer lands to control the ring. It is a middle earth seasonal game and in the market as a top-notch game adaptation for the movies and books. As these games require planning and strategies more than role-playing, they are known as geostrategic war games.

The game’s main goal is to build armies and capture lands while also keeping your defenses up. As part of any war game, having logistics is also important to move forward and get points. The game also has the option of multiple players at the same time.

LOTR rise to war on PC is the best way to enjoy this game to the fullest. Before beginning, every player has to choose a faction. There is also an option to play as orcs. Then they create their own ring with the power that levels up as the players proceed and unlock new abilities for themselves.

Since this is a multi-player game, you can also play with others in allies to defeat the enemies. The game’s end goal is to capture Dol Guldur, which is in Mirkwood – so the factions have to fight in a battle with each other before the final victor emerges and wins. They capture the territory to become the champions in the game.

There are many tricks and techniques for the players that can help them get the best out of the game, but before we talk about this – let us look at how we can install this game. As this adventure game consists of detailed visuals and an interesting background, it is best to be played on a PC. This is because the experience of playing it on a bigger screen does not only help in playing better but also gets a great simulation that will make you feel like you are a part of the game. 

How To Download LOTR rise to war on PC

Here is how you can install/download the LOTR rise to war on PC. For this, having a bluestacks emulator will enhance the gaming experience and provide you the option of playing multiple instances on a single computer.

  • Install or download bluestacks on your computer.
  • Complete Google sign-in to access the play store.
  • Search for the game’s name – lord of the rings: rise to war in the search bar.
  • Install the game.
  • After it is installed, go to your home screen and click on the game’s icon to start playing.

Tips For Playing LOTR rise to war on PC

With this, you have completed downloading the game. Now that the game is here, you need to know about some tricks and tips that may be helpful while playing the game. These tips may not be useful for everyone, but they are the basic ones that can at least give you a basic idea of how to play smarter to achieve the game’s final goal. However, you can also develop your own tricks as you proceed in the game. 

Before actually starting to play LOTR, you get the option to choose a faction to be in. This is a crucial step as this faction will lead you to your victory at the end of the game. Try to choose a faction that is similar to the style in which you play your game. There are perks to give you a boost in every faction, so if you want to utilize every boost – this choice is important.

  • Leveling up the personal ring is very important – When you start the game, you have to create your own ring. This ring will then have powers added to it as you level it up and get powers. These powers can help you proceed further in the game and increase your rank as well. The main way to do it is by conquering tiles. Every tile has a specific power, so try to get as many tiles as possible that can guarantee power and a higher rank in the leaderboards ranking. The power of the tiles is given for an hour.
  • Conquer the right tiles – Since conquering tiles can guarantee power to the personal ring of the player, it is important to see which tiles can help give the maximum power to the ring. You need to be efficient and smart about the tiles. You can check the power and resources by tapping on the tiles. It is a common fact that the more tiles you get for your ring, the more hourly advantage you have over others. But this does not mean you can click on any random tile in the enemy’s territory. The tile should be connected to an already conquered tile by the player, their faction outlined in purple, or their fellowship outlined in blue. As you proceed further in the game, you can advance tiles by removing the low-ranking tiles from your ring.You can always take tile that have special units inside like Ents and Hobbits
  • Focus on chapter quests – As it takes a good amount of time to complete every chapter, it is better to develop strategies to expand your power and colony than going for instant destruction. This tip can help in the long run of maintaining a steady expansion and proceeding without a lot of hassle. The game is more about acquiring and conquering through strategies than killing and destroying enemies.
  • Make food the priority from the beginning – Ore tiles and food plot tiles are easy to conquer, so start conquering them as early as possible. They help in the expansion and provide necessary support in the game. Moreover, it will get easier to manage and proceed once you have upgraded your ring power to a certain level. Until then, these tiles will provide resources. You can exchange extra resources for another type at the market, but this should be your last option. Until then, you can gather tips from the tavern. They are profitable and easy to gain, even though it is time taking.
  • Join fellowships to get incentives and tilesFellowships and warbands are like alliances with other players from all around the world. However, you can only form fellowships with players from the same faction. This alliance is equivalent to getting more tiles and expansion of power. You can also defeat the enemies together in this fellowship. So joining a fellowship is extremely beneficial for the players to move forward in the game. Just make sure to join an active one, and if the current one is not as active or efficient, feel free to leave the Warband and join another.

The game is great if played at a steady pace and with strategic thinking. Your victory is not guaranteed but playing with your friends is a great way to start the game. So try to enjoy the journey of playing and building fellowship and conquering tiles to get the best experience.

Another way to experience the game to the fullest is by playing it on PC. Any game feels best when you play it on a bigger screen. Although it is inevitable for everyone to own a PC or laptop to play games on, those who own a PC will know how awesome it feels. Even the lord of the rings: rise to war would be an awesome experience if played on the PC. 

Benefits of playing LOTR rise to war on PC

LOTR rise to war on PC
  • It is long-lasting and cost effective – Gaming can be a costly hobby, as there are many times you will have to pay after a certain level. Moreover, if you have a PC with special features to equip the games without lagging and ruining the visuals – it can turn into an investment for life. You do not have to spend a lot of money changing the device, or in the game itself, as many gaming services have sales. This is especially true for games played on PCs. As for longevity, PCs last longer than other types of electronic devices for gamers, especially if they also have specialized gaming features.
  • Easily upgraded – For games, they are always being upgraded. So the devices also need to be upgraded for the game to be compatible. This can cost money as you will have to change devices repeatedly, depending on the type of game you are playing. However, all you need to do with a PC is do some add-ons like RAM, fans, hard drives, etc. This is to create a long-lasting device that can handle future generations of games. Sure, you may need to spend a little money on the extra factors you will be applying to the PC, but they are more like a one-time purchase. After that, you do not need to worry about the new games not working on your PC for a long time.
  • Amazing graphics – PCs have a bigger screen and depending on how advanced the model is. The graphics can be equally great. For gamers, they can get graphic cards of their choice to enhance the video quality. However, since gamers play for a long time, it is better to wear yellow glasses to reduce the strain on the eyes from the screen’s blue light.
  • Flexible gameplay options – Even though Lord of the rings: rise to war is something you can play with just the keyboard keys and the mouse, in PC gaming, you can decide on the mode you can pay. There are options for that. First is the keyboard and mouse, second is the PC gaming controller. This way, you can play with either of the methods and get an equally great gaming experience from both options that let you play your game.
  • Customization – As a gamer, you would want a complete gamer’s experience. And you can achieve that by the customization of your PC. You can get dual monitors and a gaming keyboard. There are also headsets and speakers through which you can interact with other players while playing the game and enjoy the sound of the game, making you feel like you are in the game. At last, a gaming chair will help you be comfortable while you are playing the game. For a game like LOTR, this type of setup can enhance the experience. The gamer can set up their platform according to their taste and preferences and add things to hardware.

LOTR Rise To War PC Requirements

Moving on, we arrive at the requirements needed to download the lotr rise to the war on the computer. There is not much needed once you get the bluestacks emulator for your device. After installing that, you install the game. The game works on any PC that has Windows 7 or above as well as an Intel processor. AMD, too, works well. As for the RAM, a minimum of 2GB is good. With this, you are all set for the amazing geo-strategic seasonal war game known as the lord of the rings: rise to war.

Is LOTR Rise To War Worth Playing

LOTR Rise To War PC

At last, let us see the game’s review and how awesome it was for the players. As we already know, it is a strategic game where players raise armies and conquer lands to control the ring. They also have the ultimate goal of capturing dol Guldur to emerge as the ultimate champions. We also see the players having to join factions and fellowships to make their tasks easier to finish.

There are chapter-based levels, hence making it versatile and giving the name seasonal war game. In that aspect, the gamers can be fairly satisfied by doing some mental exercise as they need to proceed with caution and a plan. Some tiles can help with the current situation in the game, depending on the tile’s power. For example, if the army cannot assist, you can use your high-ranking tile to send another group of reinforcements.

Moreover, playing and finishing the chapter-based levels helps in feeling a sense of accomplishment. There are equal amounts of story and action where you decide how to proceed further into the game. As for visuals, it is realistic. They closely resemble the characters from the movies, giving a great simulation while playing the game.

On the downside, because of its long length, the gamers can feel a bit frustrated. After a good burst in achievements – the game can come to a standstill because of various conditions that are not fulfilled. But we can look at it with a positive attitude. The standstill of the chapters indicates how true it is to its genre of a strategic game. And how we need to be patient and plan as we plan here.

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