LOTR Rise to War Ring Skills Points Guide

LOTR Rise to War Ring Skills Points Guide (1)

This guide will explain why it is critical to recognize and understand the significance of Ring Power bonuses/buffs in LOTR Rise to War. You’ll want to know from the start of your playtime.

Ring power and points

Every LOTR Rise To War player wonders how to get ring power and points, so let’s start with the basics.

The first thing to note is that Ring power is based on a leveling system, which means that your ring will gain levels, and every time your Ring gains a level, you will receive a point to spend in your Ring bonus/buff tree.

To level up your Ring, you must gain Ring power, which is equivalent to experience. The first thing you’ll want to get is a territory; each player-owned territory accumulates a certain amount of ring power.

The first thing you’ll want to get is a territory; each player-owned territory accumulates a certain amount of ring power.ach square of your territory that accumulates ring power is easily identified by glowy blue borders; naturally, the more of those tiles you have, the more ring power you get.

Total ring power accumulated will be displayed in a green indicator on the bottom left corner of your screen, right next to the Ring icon. To use the ring power that you have accumulated in leveling your Ring, simply tap the Ring icon.

Tap the ring power icon on the bottom left of the Ring window you just opened, and your accumulated ring power will be deployed into the Ring experience bar in the bottom center of the window.

Naturally, the more ring power you have, the more experience and levels your Ring gains, which means you will be able to spend points and unlock new abilities. When you level up your Ring, you gain a point to spend in the Ring ability tree.

Ring power and Ring levels will be your primary focus due to the fact that it unlocks new abilities, which is essentially a massive power-up.

Ring skill tree build

dominance lotr rise to war

Dominance– The first and center ability, “Dominance,” is the primary starting ability that you want to put points in because it increases your territory limit, which also means more ring power gain.

Each point you put into the “Dominance” ability increases your territory limit, and you should put points into it pretty much every time it becomes available because you want to take as much territory as possible, even if it is low level, because of the resources and ring power it yields. From there Ring abilities spread into 4 different paths of the resource tree and it’s important to understand them.

_first tree branch in LOTR Rise To war

The upper left branch of the tree will be our first stop. With the exception of the “Abundant Wisdom” ability, which gives + bonus Focus Damage to your Commander, the upper left branch is primarily focused on gathering and getting gathering action bonuses.

You will need to put a point in regardless of its usefulness at the given moment in order to access other abilities in that branch. Depending on your strategic playstyle, if you prefer to progress through the game by gathering and selling resources, this is the branch you should concentrate on.

second tree branch in LOTR Rise To war

The second tree branch that we will go through will be the upper right branch. This branch focuses around Fort, Control and Mobility buffs/bonuses such as marching/repositioning speed bonuses, more max ability points available bonuses, bonus stamina and bonus max fort limit and fort durability points.

Overall this branch shouldn’t be a primary focus but it’s most definitely a point of interest later on in the game once you reach a satisfactory power score and you want to start working towards defense and mobility.

third tree branch in LOTR Rise To war

The third tree branch to go through will be the bottom right tree branch which is also the most important one to start with. This branch is focused around Commanders bonus damage, Commanders bonus experience gain, bonus efficiency and even more overall bonus experience points and grain gained from Mock Battles.

These bonuses and abilities should be the primary focus for every new and advanced player in order to establish a competent power hold. As in every strategic game, it’s important to create a powerful military and become as powerful as possible.

Many of great, if not even the best things are acquired from defeating world bosses, other players and high-level mobs like Oathbreakers and Barrow Wight, on top of it all let’s not forget about the additional experience for every battle that your army fought.

fourth tree branch in LOTR Rise To war

Finally, the fourth and last tree branch, the bottom left branch is focused around sweeping through the map and sweeping bonuses, which means abilities from this branch will reward you with additional food, resources, potentially other useful drops and a great amount of bonus experience points for your Commanders once you are at max territory tile limit.

It is also a decent branch to have points invested in since abilities will cover your stamina/energy points spent when sending your commanders for sweeping and experience gain since some abilities in this branch reduce sweep stamina point usage and some abilities provide additional bonus Commander speed and overall efficiency and Commander development and leveling process.


Ring Power and it’s resource tree/abilities are one of the most important systems in the Lotr Rise To War game and it will have a direct impact on every aspect of the game. It creates various different options and ways to yield and gather resources, ring power, food, gear drops, tiles limit and size of your kingdom, your income, Commander development, mobility, overall power and overall defense and to lead your faction into days of glory!

It also gives each player an opportunity to create and establish their own playstyle, their own strategy and ways to dominate their opponents. It is well balanced and flexible enough to allow every player to adjust to a playstyle that may require certain changes and that will ultimately suit a player better to some extent as well as his faction.

Ring power is one thing that absolutely every player should put their focus at regardless of their playtime and experience with the game, keep track of ring power accumulation and always try to find a way to increase it and avoid making mistakes.

Remember to download LOTR Rise To War on PC and use our tier list to determine which commander is the best.

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