The Undying Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

The Undying Build and Guide Lord Of The Rings Rise To War

Tier 3


Might: 100+2.38xLVL
Speed: 88+1.76xLVL
Focus: 65+0.82xLVL


The Undying is a fantastic commander to have in LOTR Rise To War, with insanely high mighty stats and great skills that allow him to deal serious damage to enemies. The Undying is a Tier 3 Commander, and the first thing you should notice and acknowledge is his base trait, “Support.” The “Support” trait grants The Undying +25 (Commander) Focus and + 5 Skill points, and he works best with units that deal a lot of damage because his supportive skills and traits provide extra sustain, resulting in a powerful combo.

The Undying is a commander with a high might per level, which increases his damage even further. When it comes to gear for The Undying, you should prioritize might and damage-dealing stats. In the end, The Undying will have insanely high might, and when combined with units that deal massive damage, you’ll have a pretty powerful commander. Aside from his skills, this is another reason he is a Tier S commander on LOTR Rise To War Tier List.

Every time your Commander advances in level, you will gain a skill point to spend in their skill tree. The Undying skill tree has four main skills and thus four different focus points, which we will discuss here. It’s worth noting that each of these four main skills is linked to two additional skills that you’ll gain access to after leveling up the main skill to level 2. On Commander Respect level 0, you will have two main skills, to begin with.

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The Undying Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Respect level 0 Build

Undertaker- Normal attacks deal 40.0% damage to all enemies. Max Level [Commander] Normal attacks inflict Poison Damage. It is a fantastic skill that deals with a lot of poison damage. If your Undying is at respect level 1, you should have it set to max after you’ve maxed it Under Commander skill.

  • Plague- [Against 2 Enemy Target(s)] Deals % Poison Damage, cannot recover HP for 2 round(s)
  • Delayed Plague- [Against 2 Enemy Target(s)] Deals % Poison Damage on Round 6. This effect is modified by Focus stat and can’t be cured or avoided

Undead Commander- [Allied Unit(s)] % chance to Evade all Physical Damage from the first 4 hit(s) sustained. Max Level Speed +15

  • Dishearten- [Enemy Units] damage -%.
  • Nimbleness- [Allied Units) Damage received from enemy Ranged units %.

Respect level 3 Build

Ringwraith-  [Against All Enemies] Burn, Poison and Focus Damage %.  Max Level Effect- Focus +15. Ringwraith is a fantastic skill to have. It boosts burn, poison, and focus damage. If you want to deal serious damage to an enemy, you should have this skill. The Undying is a commander with high focus, and if you equip him with this skill, he will deal insanely high damage.

  • Nazgul Screech-  [Round 1 ] [Against 2 Enemy Unit(s)] % chance of inflicting Stun and inflicts % Focus Damage (Continuous) once after the Stun effect ends (Effect modified by Focus stat)
  • Morgul Poison-  [Each Round] Normal attacks inflict % Poison Damage (Continuous) for 2 round(s).

Respect level 5 Build

Second Wind- [Round 4] [All Allied units] Recover % HP, but cannot recover HP again afterwards. This effect can’t be cured. On Max [Enemy units] Cannot recover HP. This is an insanely powerful Undying skill that can be devastating for enemy commanders who do a lot of healing. You want to get this skill as soon as possible if you have the Undying on respect level 5. You can now combine Second Wind with Under Commander if you want more sustain and defense, which is important at the start, and later you can replace Under Commander with other Undying skills that deal poison damage.

  • Chilling Edge-  Drains Focus from the enemy Commander. This effect decays each round.
  • Fanaticism–  [All Melee Units] Damage +% , each round.

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