Thorin Oakenshield Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Thorin Oakenshield Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Tier 3



Thorin Oakenshield is an excellent tier 3 commander in LOTR Rise To War who can deal significant damage. What’s great about Thorin Oakenshield is that he has a good amount of defensive skills, allowing you to focus on increasing his damage as much as possible. He has a strong synergy with dwarf troops, so try to use them exclusively if you want to get the most out of him.

The issue with Thorin Oakenshield is that you must have him at Respect level 5 in order to have the best build possible. You can build him to do a lot of damage if you have him at respect level 3, but he will have lower survivability.

As a Tier 3 Commander, Thorin Oakenshield possesses the “Leader” trait, which is the first thing you should be aware of. Thorin Oakenshield’s “Leader” trait grants him an additional +5 Command.   Might increase Physical damage dealt with enemy units and Commanders. You must have Thorin Oakenshield at Respect level 3 in order to create the best possible glass cannon build.

You will receive a skill point for your Commander’s LOTR Rise To War build with each level up. Thorin Oakenshield’s skill tree build is divided into four sections based on the four primary abilities he possesses. In addition to the four main skills, there are two additional skills that can be unlocked by leveling up the main skill to level 2 You’ll begin with two primary skills at Commander Respect level one.

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Thorin Oakenshield Build LOTR Rise To War

Respect level 0 Build

Oakenshield– [Against 1 Enemy Target(s)] Deals % damage once [Allied  Army] Damage received -%. stackable and lasts until the end of battle. On Max Level Might +15.

  • Topple– [Against 1 Enemy Target(s)) Deals % Physical Damage once and imposes a% chance of being Stunned for 1 round(s).
  • Deliberate Strike- [1 Target(s)] Deal % Physical Damage. 

Revivalist– [Round 1 ] [Against 1 Enemy Target(s)) Deals % Physical Damage [1 Allied Unit(s)] Recover % HP. 

  • Frightened– [First 4 Round(s)] [Against 2 Enemy Target(s)] % chance of being Stunned each round.
  • Inspiration– [First 3 Round(s)] [All Allied Units] Damage dealt + % modified by Focus stat)

Respect level 3 Build

King Under Mountain– [Against 1 Enemy Target(s)) Deals % Physical Damage and increases allied Dwarves’ Defense by number. Can be stacked 5 time(s). On Max Level [Dwarves] +HP.

  • Dwarven Grit- [Commander] First 4 instances of Skill Damage in each battle +%
  • Longbeard– [Commander] Physical Damage ignores % of target’s Defense.

Respect level 5 Build

Kings Of Durin’s Folk- [All Dwarven Units] Damage received -%

  • Well-prepared– [Melee Units] When hit by enemies’ normal attacks within range, perform a counterattack that deals % damage
  • Parry– [Army] Damage from Melee units – %

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