Thranduil Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Tier 3


Might: 92+1.84xLVL
Speed: 88+1.76xLVL
Focus: 81+1.32xLVL


Thranduil is a tier 3 commander who is having difficulties in LOTR Rise Of War. Instead of Thranduil, you have a much better option to use. There are numerous tier 2 commanders who can defeat Thranduil in any scenario. It is best not to invest in Thranduil, as it is relatively difficult to build him into a good commander. You can use Thranduil until you get better commanders, but you should not invest in him.

Thranduil is a Tier3  Commander, and the first thing you should notice and acknowledge is his base trait, “Warrior.” The “Warrior” trait grants Thranduil +25 (Commander) Might, +2 Skill points, and a 10% (Commander) Physical damage bonus. “Might” is Thranduil’s highest stat. Physical damage dealt by enemy units and commanders may be increased. You will have a skill point to spend in your Commander’s skill tree whenever they level up.

Thranduil’s skill tree has four main skills and thus four different focus points, which we will discuss here. It’s worth noting that each of these four main skills is linked to two additional skills that you’ll gain access to after leveling up the main skill to level 2.

If you need tier 2 commanders that are better than Thranduil you can check our LOTR Rise To War Tier list.

Thranduil Build LOTR Rise To War

Respect level 0 Build

Mirkwood– [Each Round] [Against All Enemies] Deals % Poison (Continuous). Om Max Level [Round 5 onwards] [Against All Enemies] Receive an additional Poison Damage.

  • Whirlwind- [Against 2 Enemy Target(s)] Deals % Physical Damage (prioritizes Melee units).
  • Swing- [Against 2 Enemy Deals % Physical damage. 

Grey Elf– [All Allies] % chance of avoiding damage. On Max Level Effect +15 speed.

  • Shield Training– [Ranged Units] Damage received – %. 
  • Deadeye- [Ranged Units] Damage + %

Respect level 3 Build

Heir Of the Great – After each instance Of causing Physical damage, there is a % chance to heat 1 allied targets (recovery rate: %). On Max Level Effect [Commander] Normal attack damage + %. 

  • Wrath Of Mirkwood – [Self] First damage dealt + % every round.
  • Mirkwood Ambush– [Round 1] [Against 1 Enemy Target(s)] Deals % Physical Damage or Poison Damage once

Respect level 5 Build

King of the Mjodland– [Elves] Damage Received – % Max Level Effect [While Defending] [Elves] Damage received -%.

  • Elven Leader– [Each Round) [Elves] % chance to Follow Up.
  • High Alert- [Allied Units] Focus, Burn and Poison Damage received – %.

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