Zegrid Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

Zegrid Build and Guide LOTR Rise To War

In LOTR Rise To War, Zegrid is a tier 2 commander for the evil side. He is a decent commander who can deal a decent amount of damage, but he is not as strong as other tiers 2 commanders like Lurtz, but he is extremely effective against cavalry units.

Zegrid has above-average might and 2.24 per level, but he has extremely low focus stats, which means he can only be used to deal damage. You should use infantry units with Zegrid, and you must get him to respect level 5 if you want to create the best possible damage build. When it comes to Zegrid gear, you want to use gear with a lot of might so you can do even more damage.

Zegrid is a Tier 2 Commander, and the first thing you should notice and acknowledge is his base trait, “Warrior.” Zegrid will gain +25 (Commander) Might, +2 Skill points, and a 10% additional (Commander) Physical damage with the “Warrior” attribute. Might is Zegrid’s strongest stat. Physical damage inflicted on opposing units and commanders may be increased.

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Zegrid Build

Zegrid Build LOTR Rise To War

You will have a talent point to use in your Commander’s skill tree once they level up. The Zegrid skill tree has four main skills and consequently four different emphasis areas. It’s worth noting that each of these four major skills is linked to two other skills that you’ll gain access to after leveling up the main skill to level 2. On Commander Respect level 0, you will have two main skills, to begin with.

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