Minecraft Chicken Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Chicken Guide

There are mobs all across the world which can be tamed or bred to produce more. Most of these can be used to make a farm in our Minecraft worlds, one which can generate quite a few important materials. Included in a decently long list of these mobs is chicken. A mob that’s more than capable of providing a ton of items, which we will learn about in the overview of the Minecraft chicken.


In Minecraft, Chickens are passive mobs that often spawn over grassy plains, running about the place and being a great source of materials. Many of these can be used as food or help us find food otherwise. Although the chickens are not too rare to see, there are always a few bound to spawn about. Doubly so if it’s a meadow of some sort that we are going through.

Biomes affect their spawn but so does the light level. Having a high enough level is important to properly have chicken spawn. The chicken is possible to tame and use by the player.

Chicken Behavior

Chickens will follow after any seed in a nearby area. The overall area they will cover six by six cubic areas. Chickens can be baited out with this type of item in Minecraft.

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A chicken can avoid fall damage no matter the height and damage of the fall by flapping its wings. In addition, the flapping of its wings will slow down a chicken’s fall, making them capable of “flying” for a bit, along with ignoring fall damage.

Chickens have unique behaviors when it comes the movement. Should they get hit, they flee around for a bit, moving in erratic patterns. The other odd behavior is jumping up the stairs rather than walking up them. Chickens also flee from foxes, cats, and ocelots because those mobs will attack them, trying to kill them.

Chickens lay eggs every five to ten minutes too. This doesn’t count for chickens that are part of chicken jockeys. Those chickens do not lay eggs. They will, however, cause a bit more hassle because, while they aren’t hostile, the mobs riding them are.

Chicken Drops

An adult chicken will lay an egg randomly every once in a while. These eggs are technically dropped from the chicken, although they don’t require a chicken to be killed for it to drop. Of course, should the chicken drop the egg before being killed, it will be found near the same place.

This mob will drop up to two feathers regularly in Minecraft. The feather will benefit from Looting enhancement. Each level of Looting increases the amount dropped by one. All the way up to 5 drops of feathers.

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Lastly, the chicken will drop raw chicken if killed. So it will also benefit from Looting, oddly enough, which will total a 4 of raw chicken dropping at maximum level.

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