Minecraft Frog Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Frog Guide

Minecraft’s biomes are populated with diverse mobs. These vary from dangerous to interesting. Certain mobs even include entire groups of mobs or blocks that interact with each other. With these mobs, we include the frog as well. A mob that requires both frogspawn blocks and a tadpole mob to reproduce. However, there’s more to Minecraft frog than that, which we’ll cover below.


Minecraft Frogs are the more common among the passive mobs in the swamps. These mobs will be the most present in swamps and mangrove swamps. These areas are dense and thick with trees and covered with watery areas that can impose problems on us.

Each spawn of frogs will drop two to five frogs in a single group. But, of course, frogs can grow from tadpoles that will have their own spawn chances and numbers. Tadpoles hatch from frogspawn in groups of 2 to 5, but they don’t spawn naturally.

Frogs come in three variants, which depend on the biome in which the tadpole grew up. Three different types of frogs are temperate, warm, and cold. Temperate frogs have the most potential biomes to spawn in. Followed by warm biome frogs, which get only a few fewer potential spawns. Lastly, cold climates are the rarest for frogs but still plentiful in a considerable number of cold areas.

Frog Behavior

Frogs jump around when on land and are not disturbed by anything in Minecraft. They will go over blocks lower than the jump height but will get stopped by honey blocks. The falling damage these mobs take is reduced by 10, making them rarely suffer fall damage.

Frogs swim faster than they jump around. Therefore, they will stay near the surface of the water despite not being able to drown. These mobs are common in swamps, for this case, and sometimes rest on lily pads when not swimming.

While frogs cannot technically attack, they still have a way to harm specific mobs. A frog can extend its tongue and pull certain mobs into its mouth. That includes small slimes and magma cubes. While slimes drop slimeballs, magma cubes eaten by a frog will drop a froglight. The color of the froglight depends on the frog type:

  • Temperate drops ochre froglight color
  • Warm drops pearlescent froglight color
  • Cold drops verdant froglight color

Frog Breeding

The player can breed frogs in Minecraft by giving slimeballs to two frogs that are near each other. The frog will then look for a water block with an adjacent water block to lay frogspawn. This then sprouts into tadpoles which can again turn into frogs if needed.

Frog Drops

Aside from the frogs potentially giving out froglights, frogs don’t have any unique drops. It can drop up to three experience points though.

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