How to grow kelp in Minecraft?

How to grow kelp in Minecraft?

Are you thinking about growing kelp in Minecraft? Kelp is a water plant with many uses so it’s understandable that you want to grow it. In this guide, we will tell you all about growing kelp and how to use it.

So let’s not wait any longer and learn to grow kelp in Minecraft.

Where to Find Kelp?

Where to Find Kelp

Kelp is an underwater plant found in ocean biomes. It grows only in warm and mildly cold waters; you can’t find it in hot, frozen, deep-frozen oceans. It is easily available near seagrass. If by any chance you cannot find it, you can trade with a villager for three emeralds.

How to Grow Kelp in Minecraft?

You can grow kelp on any block except on marble. The best blocks are sand, dirt and gravel, where it grows fast. However, it has to be underwater or in the water block.

Kelp can grow under the flowing water block also. It’s not possible to remove the water block that has kelp in it until you break the kelp first.  

You can easily grow kelp underwater, but if you need to grow it overworld, uses water blocks. It will never grow in a single water block, but if there are more blocks, it will keep growing until it reaches its full height.

Does Kelp Need Light To Grow?

Kelp grows in the ocean’s depth on sand blocks and doesn’t need any light. So you can’t speed up the growth of kelp with lights. The only way to grow it faster is by using bone meal that will grow kelp one block at every use. Therefore people who want to grow their farm underwater or have a base there can easily grow kelp.

How tall does kelp grow?

When kelp grows, it adds one to its life and grows till age 25. This means every time kelp grows, its top adds one to its age. Though it is not a must for all kelp plants to grow to the same height, its natural age is 0 – 24.  

You can also manipulate its age, in other words, its height. If you break the top part of the kelp, the block beneath it will be set to age 0, which means it will grow till 25 again. You can use this technique to grow kelp as tall as you want.

Uses of Kelp in Minecraft

Uses of Kelp in Minecraft

Kelp is a very useful plant in Minecraft. You can use it on a natural farm or dry farm

  • Putting kelp under the flowing water will turn it into a full water block source. That is how you can get a bubble column elevator.  
  • Kelp can also hold blocks, meaning you don’t need to construct something from the ocean base. It also looks amazing.  
  • Kelp can also be used as a compositor and has the chance to increase the composite level by 30%. That is great, especially for players who grow plants and crops a lot. They don’t always have to kill the skeleton or go to the nether to get it.
  • If you smelt the kelp in the furnace, it is a great food source. Dried kelp can be eaten faster than food when you need something quick. Though it is not as useful as food, it is something.
  • Another way you can use kelp is as fuel. If you have dried kelp, you can make a block out of it and use it as fuel to smelt 20 items. Kelp comes at the third level as a fuel source after lava and coal.


If you have been ignoring kelp this whole time, now is the time to start using it and get maximum benefits. It is so easily available that you can gather it without much effort. Every time you smelt kelp, you get 0.1 XP, even if not much is still worth mentioning.

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