Minecraft Iron Golem Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Iron Golem Guide

Golems are specific in their inception. While some may spawn naturally, they are also constructed, with specific items required to bring them to life. With only a few golem-type mobs, we still have certain standouts. Iron golems are the biggest and toughest of the lot, which is why we’ll overview this Minecraft mob.

Iron Golem

One of the more unique mobs in Minecraft, the iron golem is quite formidable. The iron golem is a construct that protects villages and villagers from hostile mobs. They are a reason why many of the villages stay populated. The population of a village is important due to it providing us with the chance to find more villagers with professions in it.

These mobs have an appearance somewhat reminiscent of villagers with their noses and facial expression. However, they are far larger, bulky, and can be built by the player. It’s an imposing neutral mob that can end up attacking the player should they deal damage to the iron golem.

If you are playing Java Edition, villagers can summon iron golems. An iron golem will be summoned by a panicking villager, which will start the summon when the villager hasn’t detected an iron golem within the last 30 seconds. Additionally, the villagers need to have multiple of their kind nearby to do it. They could also spawn an iron golem when gossiping. Gossiping villagers take 5 participants to summon one, while panicking ones take 3 villagers.

On top of it all, iron golem needs a spawn point. The valid spawn point is detected by looking for one such point in a cube around the summoning villagers. Iron golems can spawn in a variety of conditions, but they need enough place to avoid a collision.

Iron Golem Behavior

The Minecraft iron golem will generally walk about the place, patrolling for danger. They will stay near buildings. An iron golem will sometimes interact with villagers. This includes facing villagers that talk with each other as well as offering poppy flowers to villagers. However, only baby villagers accept the flower.

Iron golems will show cracks when injured, and that’s not all. An iron golem can be healed with an iron ingot. To do so, you can right-click the golem’s chest while holding the iron ingot. Healing the golem in this way consumes the item.

Iron golems don’t exhibit too many other unique traits. All of their more intricate interactions are very specific across the board and rare in occurrence. Iron golems will retaliate against most any mobs if hit, and their powerful punch will be a potent addition to any defense a village may have during a raid.

Iron Golem Drops

Killing an iron golem in Minecraft has a chance to drop one of the two items, iron ingot or poppies. Both of these have their own drop numbers, neither of which are affected by Looting. Iron ingots drop in numbers of 3 to 5, which means some number of iron ingots are bound to drop. Poppies drop in stacks between 0 to 2. That means poppies can potentially not drop at all. The iron golem drops no experience at all.

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