Multishot Minecraft Enchantment

Multishot Minecraft Enchantment

The many Minecraft enchantments are there to help you better the stats of your weaponry, tools and armor. They are amazing because of their ability to make your gameplay easier and a lot more efficient.

One enchantment in the game is Multishot. Read on to find out more about its function and usage. 

How to obtain the Multishot enchantment

First off, we should establish that Multishot is a crossbow enchantment in Minecraft and cannot be applied to any other item unless you use commands. 

You can obtain the Multishot enchantment just like any other enchantment in the game. One option is to use an enchantment table and put the crossbow in it. The other option is to find an enchanted book in the wild in a chest in any structure, then use an anvil to combine the enchanted book with the necessary crossbow. 

Multishot is an enchantment that’s mutually exclusive with Piercing. This means that you can’t have both enchantments on the same crossbow. 

What does the Multishot enchantment do?

The Multishot enchantment in Minecraft makes shooting three arrows or firework rockets possible at the cost of one. It sends them as three singular horizontal arrows or rockets, each with a 10 degree difference from each other in the angle. This effect also applies to special arrows, such as tipped or spectral arrows. In Java Edition, mobs only take damage from one of the three arrows. 

After the arrows are shot, you can only pick up the arrow that was in the middle of the shot. Additionally, crossbows with this enchantment use up 3 points of durability rather than the usual 1. 

Where can you use the Multishot enchantment?

For crossbow users, Multishot is a very good option for damaging multiple targets. In Bedrock Edition especially, it is good for damage since you can hit the same target with multiple arrows. 

In Java Edition, it might be better to use Piercing because the effects of Multishot are somewhat nerfed. Additionally, there’s the drawback of triple durability usage, so in Java Edition the enchantment has more drawbacks than bonuses.

Key Takeaways

Since Multishot is one of the only crossbow enchantments, you should take note of the things discussed here. Here’s a brief summary:

  • It is a crossbow-only enchantment that can be applied either by enchantment table or by combining a crossbow with an enchanted book using an anvil.
  • Multishot is mutually exclusive with another crossbow enchantment called Piercing.
  • The enchantment makes you fire 3 arrow or firework shots with just 1 use. It works for special arrows too. In Java Edition, one mob can only take damage from one arrow.
  • You can only pick up the middle arrow from the three shots after they all hit a block or entity.
  • Multishot is generally a really great and essential crossbow enchantment on Bedrock Edition, but not that good on Java Edition because it has a lot of drawbacks, such as the fact that the 3 arrows on one mob would only deal damage to the mob once. 

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