Minecraft Nautilus Shell: How to get and use

Minecraft Nautilus Shell: How to get and use

Dive into the immersive world of Minecraft and discover an enchanting undersea item, the Nautilus shell. Not only a pretty artifact, Nautilus shells in Minecraft play a crucial role in crafting conduits – a valuable underwater tool. Through this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to acquire these coveted shells and effectively use them in your gameplay.

What are Nautilus Shells in Minecraft?

In the fascinating realm of Minecraft, Nautilus shells are treasured items needed to concoct a handy tool known as the conduit. When you’ve collected enough shells and a Heart of the Sea, you can create this impressive device. Once activated, this conduit can turn the tide in your favour, making your undersea escapades more enjoyable and productive.

When you activate your crafted conduit, an array of benefits unfolds. It restores your oxygen levels, allows you to have clear vision in the murky depths of the night sea, boosts your mining speed, and even damages Hostile Mobs within an eight-block range. These features make conduits extremely useful for those adventurous enough to build bases or farms underwater. Moreover, the conduit’s power can extend from 32 to 96 blocks, depending on the number of blocks you place in the frame.

How to get Nautilus Shells?

Procuring Minecraft Nautilus shells is an adventure in itself. There are three primary ways to get Nautilus shells: fishing, defeating drowned mobs, and trading with a Wandering Trader.

Fishing: Casting your line into the Minecraft waters might reward you with a Nautilus shell. While the initial probability of fishing one out is a mere 0.8%, you can increase this to 1.9% by using the Luck of the Sea enchantment on your fishing rod.

Drowned: Another exciting way to get Nautilus shells is by combating drowned mobs. These foes lurk in the darkest depths of ocean and river biomes, and also inhabit Ocean ruins. Drowned mobs have a 3% chance of spawning with a Nautilus shell in their offhand. Conquer these adversaries, and they’ll drop their Nautilus shell as a reward for your bravery.

Wandering Trader: Last but not least, you can purchase Nautilus shells from the nomadic Wandering Trader. At the cost of five emeralds, you can add one to your inventory. But be aware, this trader limits his Nautilus shell sales to five trades. So, although trading can supplement your collection, it’s not the sole solution to gathering all the shells you need.

How to use Nautilus Shells?

How to use Nautilus Shells

Now that you’ve gathered your Nautilus shells, it’s time to put them to use. To craft a conduit, you’ll need eight shells and a Heart of the Sea. But your task isn’t over yet. Proper placement of the conduit is vital to harness its full potential.

Position your conduit in a three by three area of water, encased within three 5×5 frames along each axis. You can construct these frames using Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, or Sea Lanterns. Keep in mind, the larger the frame, the greater the conduit’s power range.

Learning how to effectively get and use Nautilus Shells in Minecraft enhances your gaming experience, especially in underwater adventures. So the next time you dive into your Minecraft world, remember these tips and rule the aquatic depths!

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