Minecraft Polar Bear Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Polar Bear Guide

Cold climates in Minecraft will spawn unique mobs that can only be found in these chilly locations. Their usual traits are a far different coat and behavior that brings over the general details. Polar bears are the best showcase of these mobs, so let’s look over them in the article about the Minecraft polar bear.

Polar bear

Polar bears are mobs in Minecraft that can be most commonly found in frozen areas. Their specific requirement of the biome makes sense in general. Like the real-world equivalent of the mob, they prefer cold weather and will often be found near water where fish can be found. The polar bear is a neutral mob, meaning it won’t be immediately hostile. They are usually very reserved and won’t engage the player unless provoked. Additionally, baby polar bears are always passive.

Polar bears require a light level of at least 7 to even spawn. The areas they spawn in are usually frozen, including frozen rivers, frozen oceans, deep frozen oceans, frozen peaks, and snowy areas. The polar bears will make do if those areas are snowy slopes, snowy plains, or another decently cold place. General spawning requirements also require them to be above grass or ice. Should multiple bears spawn, one will spawn as a baby.

Polar Bear Behavior

Minecraft Polar bears have very standard behaviors that should be expected from a neutral mob. However, they are capable of being both passive and hostile depending on the interactions player has with them. In Bedrock Edition, polar bears are easier to anger, attacking if a cub is approached. Otherwise, this hostility will stem from the player attacking the bears.

All bears in the nearby area will be made hostile if a cub is attacked. Additionally, should an adult bear be attacked, all adults in a smaller area will attack the player. This hostility won’t quickly fade, so it’s best to avoid it.

Foxes are another target for polar bears. Both cubs and adults attack them in Java Edition, cubs being even more aggressive towards any fox that comes within 16 blocks. However, in Bedrock Edition, only adults attack foxes.

Polar bears are also quite fast in the water, retaining their walking speed while chasing after their target. This makes them extremely dangerous to players, as they can easily catch up. In addition, fighting off a polar bear can be difficult due to their range and damage.

Polar Bear Attacks

Minecraft Polar bears attack by rising on their rear legs and then smashing forward. The attack has a decent hitbox and can reach out a bit further than expected. On normal difficulty, it will deal 5 damage to the player.

Polar Bear Drops

A polar bear drops 1 to 3 experience orbs when killed. Additionally, it drops a few items. These include raw cod, which has a 75% chance of dropping. The cod could drop in numbers from 0 to 2, and the max cap can be increased up to 5 with Looting at the third level.

There’s also a 25% chance of a bear dropping raw salmon. This fish has the same drop numbers as the cod, sharing the benefit from Looting.

As with most baby mobs, the player will get no items or experience from killing a baby bear.

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