Power Minecraft Enchantment

Power Minecraft Enchantment

In Minecraft, there is a way to make it easier for you to achieve goals such as killing mobs or mining resources. This comes in the form of benefits you can add to your weapons, tools and armor, which will give them effects on use.

Power is an enchantment in Minecraft. We will go over the details about this enchantment in this article, covering everything ranging from how to obtain it to how to use it. 

How to obtain the Power enchantment in Minecraft

Power is an enchantment in Minecraft that works only on bows. You can apply it to other types of items through commands, but the enchantment won’t have any effect.

Just like other enchantments in the game, you can get it by putting your item, in the case a bow, on an enchantment table and randomly picking the Power enchantment from the list. The other way to get it is to find an enchanted book that has Power on it and combine a bow with it on an anvil.

You can combine Power with any other bow or general enchantment 

What does the Power enchantment do in Minecraft?

The Power enchantment increases the damage done by your shots hit with a bow. Specifically, the damage increase is 25% plus (level+1), rounded to the nearest half heart. 

To illustrate with an example, a bow enchanted with Power 1 will deal 8 hearts of damage at full charge, while a bow without a Power 1 enchantment will deal 5.5 hearts of damage at full charge. As you can see, the damage increase is significant.

Power is an enchantment that has 5 levels to it. At max level, a fully charged bow shot would deal 12.5 hearts of damage, which is enough to kill a good deal of mobs in the game. 

Where can you use the Power enchantment?

Power can easily be considered the most important and best bow enchantment in Minecraft. This is because the damage increase it gives is very powerful, and it is not mutually exclusive with any other enchantment in the game, meaning that you can and should add it to any bow. 

Key Takeaways

There are a few key things to remember about this important bow enchantment, and we’ve made sure to summarize them here in a few points: 

  • Power is a bow-only enchantment that isn’t mutually exclusive with any other enchantment in the game.
  • It can be applied the same way as any other enchantment, with an enchantment table or with an enchanted book.
  • It increases the damage done by your shots when you use a bow. The specific numbers are based on the level of the enchantment, with the max level being 5. At that level, the total damage a bow can do is 12.5 with a fully charged shot.
  • Because it isn’t mutually exclusive with any other enchantment, Power is an essential enchantment to add to any bow. The damage increases are huge, and can often make a big difference in who wins a fight in-game. 

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