Minecraft Strength Effect Guide

Minecraft Strength Effect Guide

Minecraft has so many useful and positive status effects that make survival easy. Strength is one of such beneficial status effects that we all regularly use in the game.

This guide will tell you all you need to know about the strength effect. Let’s get started.

What is Strength Effect in Minecraft?

Strength is a very useful status effect in Minecraft. This effect enhances your power to inflict more damage upon your enemies in melee attacks.

The strength status effect allows you to deal additional one-and-a-half hit points to your opponent. That means whatever damage you were causing; strength will increase it by 20% at every level.

There are two levels of this effect with a maximum of 40% strength that stays active for a limited time. You can get a higher level by using a command.

How Does the Strength Effect Work in Minecraft?

When you get a strength status effect, your hits cause more damage, reducing the fight time, especially when facing an Ender dragon with 100 hearts. 

Similarly, when you are in close combat with a creeper, you don’t want it to explode while you hit him. That is where you use strength so that every hit has a significant impact.

Often players confuse the strength effect with strength enchantment; the strength effect doesn’t give any power to your weapons. Also, you can’t use this effect on bows because the weapon should be melee for the strength effect to work.

Ways to Obtain Strength Status Effect in Minecraft

You can obtain the strength status effect by various methods. At level two, you get more strength, but the time is cut to half, which you can’t increase even with Redstone dust.

  • Potion of strength – To brew this potion add nether wart, blaze powder, and a water bottle. That will boost your attack by 130% for 3 minutes. If you want to extend the time, add Redstone dust to the potion, which will prolong the effect for 8 minutes.
  • Splash potion of strength – to make this effect add gunpowder to the potion of strength. It is an excellent source of getting the strength effect in multiplayer games. Depending on the effect level, the duration will be 1.30 – 3.00 minutes.
  • Lingering potion of strength – by adding the dragon’s breath to the splash potion, you will have your lingering strength potion. Once thrown, it will make a cloud that gives strength effect to those who pass through it. This effect will last 0.45 seconds at level one and 0.12 seconds at level II.
  • Arrow of strength – eight arrows with a lingering potion will give you 8 strength arrows. The effect will last 0.22 seconds to 1 minute at level one. However, at level II duration will be 11 seconds. 
  • Beacon set on strength – Beacon at level 3 will give you the strength effect for 0.5 -0.17 seconds. At level 4 it will provide you level II strength but for 0.17 seconds only. For it to work, you have to be in the beacon range. 
  • Command – With this command, you can get the highest level of strength.

            /effect give @p strength 99999 255

Note – Sometimes witches also drop the strength potion, so look out for that too.


The strength status effect can help you escape that situation if you are in a pickle. Use it for the final fight or when facing the hoard mob. It’s always good to have some potions of strength in your inventory.

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