Minecraft Tropical Fish Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Tropical Fish Guide

Underwater biomes have plentiful types of fish about the place. These fish aren’t only there for show but useful materials too. Among these, tropical fish have to be the most visually appealing ones with their many variants. Let’s explore them further in the following article on Minecraft tropical fish.

Tropical fish

Among the common aquatic mobs in Minecraft, we can find tropical fish. These mobs are most often found in oceans, but a few other biomes will house them too. Those being mangrove swamps and lush caves primarily. The biggest and most fascinating draw of their appearance is that there are 2,700 naturally occurring variants of tropical fish. However, if you were to check the files and use commands, there are almost another 1,000 to be found in the game’s files.

Tropical fish will spawn with a randomized color whenever the world is generated or when the game needs to spawn extra fish. the spawning process itself varies between editions.

Java Edition has tropical fish spawn in random colors in groups of 8 inside lukewarm or warm oceans, which includes their deep variants as well. These fish will be of different colors most commonly and require a certain depth to be reached before they start spawning properly and have a different depth if we look into lush caves. Whether or not the game will try to spawn them depends on the general fish spawning requirements.

Bedrock Edition does things a little bit differently. It will spawn fish a certain distance away from the player. This change immediately makes their spawns more unique, but the number of fish spawned changes too. Instead of spawning in groups of 8, they now spawn in groups between 3 and 5 tropical fish of the same pattern and have groups of 1 to 3 fish with random patterns. 

This makes their coloring a bit more predictable than that of the previous edition but nonetheless colorful. There are certain variants that only spawn in certain depths, and in Bedrock Edition, lush cave spawns require the spawn point to be underground.

Tropical fish Behavior

Tropical fish have quite simple behavior, as one would expect. In Minecraft, They swim around together with their school of fish and do not mind the players much. These schools can reach up to 9 members despite often spawning with less than that. The first will run away if hurt and get chased about by axolotls.

Should tropical fish be taken out of the water, they will flop around until dying from suffocation. This duration is often quite short, and the fish can only be transported with a bucket. If you do use a bucket on the fish, it will turn into a bucket of fish that the player can store in their inventory and use whenever. When used, the bucket will spawn the fish in the block the player used it on.

Tropical fish Drops

In terms of drops, the most common one we’ll see is a tropical fish drop. This drop is a simple food item that can help heal our hunger meter. It will not be affected by Looting.

Bone meal is a Minecraft Java Edition exclusive item that only spawns 5% of the time. The player can use this item to replace white dye in certain situations.

Instead of a bone meal, Bedrock Edition has bones. Bones will drop in stacks of 1 or 2 and have a 25% chance of appearing as a drop.

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