Where to Find All Ores in Minecraft 1.19

Where to Find All Ores in Minecraft

If you’re looking to start a mining in Minecraft, you probably want to know where to find all the different ores. Some of the most common ones are Coal ore, Diamonds, Ancient Debris, Lapis Lazuli, and Gold. These ores can all be found in various locations, including underground caves, mountain peaks, and dripstone caves.

Coal ore

When it comes to mining, you can find coal ore in several different places in the game. However, the best place to find it is between levels zero and 256. It also spawns near Y=96 and is less common below Y=192. In addition, coal ore is usually exposed on the surface of a cliff structure. Generally, you can find this ore in large chunks, so surface scanning is a good method to use early in the game.

Coal is found in many different places in Minecraft, including underground areas and igloos. This type of ore is easily identified by its dark spots. You can also find it in chests. During your exploration, you’ll notice that chests in igloos and woodland mansions have a high chance of containing coal. To open one, you need to stand close to it and right-click. You can also use your left trigger button to open chests.

Coal can also be found by strip-mining or exploding in certain places. Once you’ve found a block of coal ore, you’ll need to craft a torch with it. A few Minecraft villagers will even trade you emeralds for coal.


There are several ways to find diamonds in Minecraft. The easiest way to find them is to dig down to the lower levels of the world. This is the fastest way to get diamonds, but you should make sure to use a method to get back to the surface before you begin digging. One way to do this is by building a staircase. A staircase will make digging safer and help you see if the area is dangerous or not.

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Another way to find diamonds in Minecraft is to look for them in chests around the world. These chests can be found in temples, shipwrecks, and end-city chests. Although this method is not guaranteed to be successful at every turn, it’s a great back-up plan for players who love exploration.

Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris is a resource that can be mined in Minecraft. It spawns in veins of one to three blocks in Y-levels eight to 22 and one to two blocks in Y-levels eight to 119. These veins overlap, but they never spawn in the open. For best results, you should mine ancient debris in the Nether.

The Y coordinate is crucial for finding ancient debris. Ancient debris spawns in the Nether Wastes biome, and it’s common to find it around mineshafts and lava. Since it is a reoccurring block, it’s easier to spot when you’re strip mining.

For farming Ancient Debris in Minecraft, you’ll need a strong bed and a netherrack block. If the bed is open, place the bed three or four blocks from the foot. A blast will create a small fire and can damage the player. Be sure to put out any fires immediately after a blast to protect your health. Then, mine Ancient Debris with your diamond pickaxe.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most difficult ore types in the game, so players often confuse it with diamond ore. It’s best to look in lower levels where there are caves and ravines and use a pickaxe made of stone. A wooden pickaxe will not yield this material. You can also try using a Fortune pickaxe, which yields dozens of drops.

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To mine gold ore in Minecraft, you need to know where to look and what to look for. The best place to look is in the Badlands biome, where gold ore is more common. However, you should know that it can spawn at any level.


When you play Minecraft, you’ll probably wonder where you can find Emerald ore. It’s an uncommon material which can only be found in certain biomes. It’s 25 times rarer than diamonds. Unlike diamonds, however, it doesn’t require smelting. Instead, it can be placed in your inventory.


The best way to obtain copper in Minecraft is to mine it. Copper ore can be found anywhere between Y=0 and Y=96. It is found in clusters similar to iron and coal. To mine, it, use a stone pickaxe. The raw copper it yields will be useful for crafting copper ingots. If you want to make a copper ingot, you must first mine a block. To do this, hold the right trigger and tap on the block.

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