Overwatch 2 Best DPS Tier List 2023

Overwatch 2 Best DPS Tier List

Many gamers have developed a clear concept of how they will individually rank the game’s current cast of heroes now that sufficient time has gone by. For this reason, we’ve created this Overwatch 2- DPS tier list, which includes each game character. With the complete release of the game with balancing adjustments and new characters, these adjustments have a significant and minor impact on OW2 DPS Heroes. 

However, the hero you choose does important if you’re a beginning player or someone who wants to work their way up the competitive level. 

Additionally, it’s critical to remember that although certain heroes are reasonably common, others are stronger or worse based on the game style and whether you are playing attack or defense. If you are interested in the best characters in other classes feel free to check out Overwatch 2 Best Support Tier List and Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List.

Now, here is our ranking of the top Overwatch 2 DPS characters as of 2022.

Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List

Character Tier Rating
Soldier 76A
Tabjorn C


  • Sojourn
  • Sombra
  • Genji
  • Ashe


Sojourn Overwatch 2

The new DPS hero, Sojourn, is performing well. After preparing her railgun fire, she easily one-taps opponents. With the help of her Power Slide, she can make him difficult to hit, and a fully loaded blast from her Railgun can take down any non-tank character in a single bullet.

She may be the strongest force on the battleground if her excellent mobility is added on top. She’s currently one of the top DPS heroes and a good candidate for one or two nerfs.


Has undergone changes that allow her to hack invisibly and become more of a deadly and silent assassin than the disruptor she was before. Using her translocator, she could teleport next to enemy lines before unleashing her ultimate, which can harm and paralyze opponents.

She may exit from battles if she needs to teleport away, but if you understand exactly what you’re doing, she presently has a great deal of potential.


Genji Overwatch 2

Genji is presently enjoying his moment in the spotlight. He was equipped with shurikens that may be hurled in a single direction or a spread-out pattern. He possesses a sword dash that delivers harm and recharges itself if he kills someone. 

He can double jump, which allows him to move continually and makes him hard to strike. His last specialty is reflection, which reflects beam and non-beam weapons assaults at the target. His rapid retreat from combat and capacity to reflect make him tough to hurt as well.


A hero also with a high damage potential who can kill opponents from a distance while also being useful up close. Her rifle fires more frequently when the sights are pointed down, but more slowly and with less damage when hip-firing. 

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She also carries a stick of dynamite which she may shoot to cause it to explode and do long-term damage. She can just use her shotgun to climb up to high locations and blast opponents away from her.


  • Junkrat
  • Widowmaker
  • Pharah
  • Soldier 76


Junkrat Overwatch 2

One of the finest options for people who just wish to divert foes is Junkrat. He is an incredible danger against the opposing team if you enjoy using your concussion to soar all through the air and change positions. 

His skill,  Frag Launcher, can be used to throw grenades or throw out his ultimate. Junkrat’s abilities such as steel trap and concussion mine are excellent tools for using on unprepared opponents.

Go for it if you’re a one-trick Junkrat who is familiar with all the movements, but in general, he feels dangerous when up against something already strong.


Widowmaker Overwatch 2

She snares a high standing on our list because of her proficiency with a sniper rifle. Widowmaker may be a formidable adversary because of her range and capacity for one-shotting opponents. Even if the opposition team has healers, you can still take down one of their allies with a single shot.

Although her ultimate ability isn’t as powerful compared to the other hero’s ulitmate, it may be incredibly helpful to avoid flanks because it makes the opposition team visible to everyone.


Pharah frequently resembles placing a wager against the opposing side. You’ll run wild as the opposing side urgently attempts to counter. You will, however, be quickly returned to the respawn area if they succeed.

Pharah may reach great heights and inflict significant damage and needs to be more flexible with her Jump Jet. She fires a precise Concussive Blast to repel opponents in comparison to Widowmaker.

Soldier 76:

With his simple-to-execute skills, Solider 76 is an excellent hero for beginners. His ultimate skill is tactical visor, which is excellent for usage versus groups of attackers. With the help of his Biotic Field, Solider 76 can cure both himself and his friends.

The soldier seems like a good all-around selection that can provide damage and gives you some further individuality.


  • Reaper
  • Hanzo
  • Cassidy
  • Mei
  • Echo


Reaper Overwatch 2

Reaper may be used as a wrecking ball for your squad right now and is somewhat of a sleeper choice. He doesn’t have to maintain the speed of the majority of the greatest pieces, even though he doesn’t need to.

He can destroy the enemy’s important player with just one tank on the other side. With the added advantage of being able to escape if you’ve committed too much.

Hanzo and Cassidy: 

Hanzo is less of a DPS hero and more of a spy. His ultimate skill, Dragon Strike, may be readily spotted and dodged, and his arrows can be extremely slow. He can help in locating opponents with the use of his skill, Sonic Arrows, and Wall Climb.

Cassidy has swapped his skill, magnetic grenade for a tracking device after losing his stun ability. Even though his ultimate, Deadeye, can occasionally be difficult for rookie players to execute, his skill, Combat Roll, can get out of tough spots.

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Mei and Echo:

Mei and Echo overwatch 2

In the original Overwatch, Mei was one of the most irritating characters to deal with. Because of her  Endothermic Blaster, which could stop opponents in their tracks, this was crucial. Although she can no longer completely confine opponents with her power, she can still cure herself with Cryo-Freeze or block blows with Ice Walls.

Although Echo’s attacks are powerful, they are also predictable. She must stand to use her Focus Beam, which does more damage to players who are in low health. She can drift and fly slowly over the map, but her major draw is the use of her Duplicate, which lets her replicate one opponent at a time.


  • Bastion
  • Tabjorn 

Bastion and Tabjorn:

Bastion and Tabjorn Overwatch 2

Bastion has undergone changes that make him a much more active player than in the first game. He now owns a fun grenade that he can use to blast people or utilize as a moving tool. However, because of the reworks in his Ultimate, he is one of the weakest Damage ults in the gameplay. He needs a whole team to shield him and survive long enough to deal the enormous damage.

Listen, Torbjorn can perform wonderfully, even at lower levels, while the opposing team will continuously shoot away at the opponent’s health if it does not have a tank that can reduce its Turret impact. Also Ultimate can have a great effect.  However, with fewer bodies in the path, a distant character can usually easily cancel his turret, and he becomes quite uninteresting without it.


  •  Tracer
  • Symmetra


Some individuals believe that Tracer is no longer as effective as she once was due to a small damage nerf. She may pose a threat to assists and backlines in a fast-moving meta like the one we currently have. She performs fairly similarly to Sombra, except she does slightly more damage overall and has a bit better in-fight sustain.


Symmetra in OW2 feels a little lost, no need to beat around the bush on that. Assault maps are no longer in the rotation, which makes it difficult for her to establish the defensive positions she is best at. There are fewer shields available, making it harder for her to recharge her beam as rapidly. Although she occasionally finds success on Control maps, she feels like the game’s weakest hero at the moment.


In Overwatch 2, DPS players have a lot of options. Feel free to try them all out to select your favorite hero. It’s important to point out that there isn’t a single damage hero that is a poor choice in Overwatch 2. Check out our list of best characters in Overwatch 2 so you can know what to pick for each class.

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