Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List: Best Tank

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List Best Tank

Overwatch gives us a new version of its game and brings new characters, gameplay modes, visuals, and balance adjustments. Perhaps even more than any other category in the game, the transition also significantly improves the Overwatch 2 tanks. Because of this, we have developed an Overwatch 2 tank tier list, which we’ll modify as the meta changes.

With the release of Overwatch 2, tanks went a significant change. One tank was eliminated from the battlefield, which reduced player responsibility to only one. Fortunately, most have been sufficiently upgraded to manage that.

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Each of these champions is still a good choice, but some are obviously more practical than others. Let’s dive into it!

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List

Character Tier Rating
Junker QueenA
Wrecking BallC


Doomfist Overwatch 2

There are some issues with his Damage background and now he is a new single-tank meta. If He doesn’t complete his techniques with great accuracy, he could be the worst hero in the entire match. As long as he is not attaching shots simultaneously, his life bar is short and his damage output is minimal, making him little more than an irritation.

But overall, the most effective use is to push opponents that hate being pushed. For them to be efficient, heroes such as Winston, Brigitte, and Reaper must be nearby. He can rapidly collect Bastion’s assaults to fuel his Rocket Punch. Ashe is Doomfist’s most brutal opponent since he can deflect her ultimate’s blows before blasting them into destruction.

Doomfist has the potential to cause a lot of harm up close if you can learn to use his mobility and move quickly, but in most compositions, he’s just too simple to deal with.


D.Va Overwatch 2

One of the tanks that were negatively affected by the transition of 5v5 teams is D.Va. Though it is not as worse as Doomfist, her capacity to reduce damage because it only relies on her defense matrix which doesn’t last long. She is capable of doing just that, and because she has one of the personal best levels in the game. Spending time practicing with her should pay off in the long run.

Overall, she is capable of diving into an enemy one second and coming back to defend her squad the next. Additionally, she possesses incredible sustain because of her Ultimate. Gives her a second chance at life with the ability to kill. If you want to move up the ranks in Competitive she is in the majority of situations at the moment.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball Overwatch 2

When in the wrong hands, Wrecking Ball can be dangerous. The hamster is excellent at moving the opposing squad and creating confusion and delay. Additionally, Wrecking Ball has the ability to gain the greatest life in the game at the moment. He is a fantastic choice to team up with strong, mobile characters such as Sombra, Sojourn, and Genji.

Although he is a good choice, you must once again strike a balance between distracting and defending your squad. Things won’t go well for you if you encounter an opponent that is wise enough to avoid you.


Sigma Overwatch 2

Sigma is your man if you want a more conventional tank to feel—one that stands still, and takes a lot of harm. He is now incredibly strong and among the most deadly tanks available. But what makes him incredibly difficult is that he also has a tremendous amount of damage potential.

His big disadvantage is that he needs some help from his team in order to cope with all of the movement. There are so many excellent high-mobility heroes who happen to be excellent against him. He can hold down areas on each map as well, but only when you play patiently. Sigma has an increased health total and a variety of attacks.


Zarya Overwatch 2

Zarya was always an effective offensive tank, it doesn’t change that, despite the fact that her kit now offers a little. For those who desire to be the most powerful hero on the battleground, thanks to her ability to maintain herself. This has a significant effect in-game since she can defend herself and her allies more frequently during crucial situations.

A real Zarya main will discover how to remain active without dying. Any player who plans to utilize her often must strike this balance in order to succeed. She won’t be effective as a tank if she is very passive.


Winston Overwatch 2

Winston is currently in a pretty good position and may be at his best in generations. With changes introduced that boost his potential harm impact and defensive skills. Winston delivers both intellect and strength to gamers’ teams.

His primary disadvantage to Winston is that he includes more “plug-in and play” strategies from his squad. He doesn’t blend in with any group of heroes as easily as D.VA. He needs help to survive dangerous efforts into the incoming enemy rear areas.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen Overwatch 2

One of the strongest tanks for players that want to be aggressive. She might have a health that is among the lower end for a tank hero. But she possesses a number of skills that create effects that will cause them an injury.

She also lacks the capacity to endure as much damage and a variety of strategies as other damage heroes. It might be challenging to close such gaps with her and survive if the opponent plays around her. None of the above though lessens the fact that she is a great deal of fun to play. Though her Ult is a bit unimpressive in comparison to other tanks’, you may still achieve a team kill. If you utilize it extremely cleverly and have the help of your entire team.


Reinhardt Overwatch 2

In the first version of Overwatch, Reinhardt was a go-to player, and many players always pick him as one of the tank heroes for their team. Because of his unequaled capacity for damage, his shield in OW2 is still great as ever. Furthermore, it’s doubtful that your huge barrier would be able to effectively protect you from damage. Which given that your allies are probably similarly quick and flexible.

Reinhardt’s team-protecting abilities are now rather different. Having said that, it’s probably a bad idea to spend all of your time shielding up. It is also large, allowing him to cover the majority of his squad or the goal he is attempting to achieve.


Roadhog Overwatch 2

He’s a tank hero with a big health reserve and the capacity to sustain himself. He delivers a great deal of damage, his strikes are more effective at close range. Additionally, he lacks any skills that allow him any certain damage. As a result, he must only rely on his powerful build to shield his comrades from harm. This guy is particularly good at taking out wear supports and DPS heroes.

His Ultimate may be an excellent tool for pushing foes away from a point in order to cap it or for forcing a lot of enemies apart to unlock doors. It works well for pushing opponents off the boundary of a map as well.


Orisa Overwatch 2

In OW2, Orisa makes a victorious comeback, mostly because of her impressive rework. She can now stand alone and is pretty dangerous, in part due to how tough she can be. Orisa gets a variety of new abilities, the majority of which are focused on DPS rather than defense. She also acquires the passive skill that all tanks receive in addition to these both offensive and defensive skills.

She is quite hard to defeat as a result of all of this. Your squad will have a difficult time breaking through Orisa’s barriers if you add a healer who is focused on keeping her alive. Don’t assault alone if you choose to attack. Orisa tops the list because she has every benefit you could ask for in a tank and no unavoidable drawbacks.


However, there are possibilities if you’re looking for something that’s more conventional. In tanks, high-value creation is also highly required. Currently, outstanding characters include Roadhog, Orisa, and Junker Queen since they can take care of themselves and get kills with a lot of amazing precision.

But bear in mind that right now, practically any tank will function. Neither of them is actually weak, so if you sense strength with one of the heroes farther down the list. Keep seeking that strength. Although some heroes underwent total reworks, others just received minor kit changes, and others even made the transition from Damage to tank for the very first time. Players for sure enjoy each variation of the characters. Check out our tier list where we ranked all characters that are available in the game.

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