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BedWars Commands List

BedWars Commands List will help you customize your game how you like it. There are a lot of different commands that you can use and basically change the whole game. So it is important to know what they are so you can create the best game possible. 

To use commands in BedWars you have to open your chat window and write or paste commands in the chat window and send messages. 

There are some basic things that you have to know about commands that you have to change when entering: 

Player- if there is a word (player) in the command that means that you have to change it to the user name of the player. For example, if you use /kick (player) and replace (player) with the username of the player he will be kicked. 

X- You will change X with the number that you want. For example, if you use the command spawn apple X and replace X with the number 5, you will spawn 5 apples

This BedWars Commands List can be sorted by categories or you can use the search option to find exactly what you need. When you find what you need you can copy and paste it inside the chat or manually write it in the chat. Do not forget to check out Kits tier list so you can dominate.

BedWars Commands List

Command Category
/airdrop juggernautMiscellaneous Items
/announce (message)Custom Match Commands
/bedwarsCustom Match Commands
/blacklistItem (item name)Custom Match Commands
/cohost allCustom Match Commands
/disablekit (kit name)Custom Match Commands
/disaster (“meteors” | “void_rise” | “toxic_rain” | “tornado”)Custom Match Commands
/edit flat (block) (size)Custom Match Commands
/edit flat (block) (size)Custom Match Commands
/enchant (enchantmentname_level – e.g., /enchant static_3)Custom Match Commands
/enchant anti_knockback_2Enchantments
/enchant clingy_2Enchantments
/enchant critical_strike_1Enchantments
/enchant critical_strike_3Enchantments
/enchant execute_3Enchantments
/enchant fire_1Enchantments
/enchant fire_2Enchantments
/enchant fire_3Enchantments
/enchant life_steal_2Enchantments
/enchant plunder_2Enchantments
/enchant rapid_regen_1Enchantments
/enchant rapid_regen_2Enchantments
/enchant rapid_regen_3Enchantments
/enchant shield_gen_1Enchantments
/enchant shield_gen_2Enchantments
/enchant shield_gen_3Enchantments
/enchant static_1Enchantments
/enchant static_2Enchantments
/enchant static_3Enchantments
/enchant updraft_2Enchantments
/enchant void_3Enchantments
/give (player) (@all) (@team: team_color) (item) (item amount)Custom Match Commands
/hubCustom Match Commands
/i (item name) (amount)Custom Match Commands
/IslandsCustom Match Commands
/kick (player)Custom Match Commands
/luckyairdropCustom Match Commands
/setac disabledCustom Match Commands
/setac enabledCustom Match Commands
/setdeathmatchtime (seconds)Custom Match Commands
/setgeneratormultiplier (amount)Custom Match Commands
/setHealth (player | @all | @team:(color) | @s) (health)Custom Match Commands
/sethealthregen (player) (regen_amount)Custom Match Commands
/setTeam (player | @all | @team:(team_name)) (team_name)Custom Match Commands
/spawn (item name) (amount)Custom Match Commands
/spawn andesiteBlock Items
/spawn andesite_polishedBlock Items
/spawn apple XBlock Items
/spawn apple XConsumable Items
/spawn arrow XAmmo Items
/spawn baguetteWeapon Items
/spawn balloon XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn banana_peel XTrap Items
/spawn baseball_batWeapon Items
/spawn battle_axeWeapon Items
/spawn bear_clawsWeapon Items
/spawn bed XBlock Items
/spawn bedrockBlock Items
/spawn bee XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn bee_entity XWorld Spawns
/spawn bee_netTool Items
/spawn beehive XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn beeless_entity XWorld Spawns
/spawn beeless_entity XWorld Spawns
/spawn big_head_potionPotion Items
/spawn big_shieldMiscellaneous Items
/spawn big_wood_swordWeapon Items
/spawn big_wooden_swordWeapon Items
/spawn birch_log XBlock Items
/spawn black_hole_bombThrowable Items
/spawn boba_blasterWeapon Items
/spawn boba_pearlAmmo Items
/spawn break_speed_axolotlMiscellaneous Items
/spawn brewing_cauldronMiscellaneous Items
/spawn brick XBlock Items
/spawn broken_enchant_tableMiscellaneous Items
/spawn camera_turretMiscellaneous Items
/spawn candyMiscellaneous Items
/spawn cannonMiscellaneous Items
/spawn carrot_cannonWeapon Items
/spawn carrot_rocketAmmo Items
/spawn carrot_seeds XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn cauldronMiscellaneous Items
/spawn ceramic XBlock Items
/spawn charge_shieldMiscellaneous Items
/spawn chestMiscellaneous Items
/spawn clayBlock Items
/spawn clay_blackBlock Items
/spawn clay_blueBlock Items
/spawn clay_dark_brownBlock Items
/spawn clay_dark_greenBlock Items
/spawn clay_grayBlock Items
/spawn clay_light_brownBlock Items
/spawn clay_light_greenBlock Items
/spawn clay_orangeBlock Items
/spawn clay_pinkBlock Items
/spawn clay_purpleBlock Items
/spawn clay_redBlock Items
/spawn clay_tanBlock Items
/spawn clay_whiteBlock Items
/spawn clay_yellowBlock Items
/spawn cloneMiscellaneous Items
/spawn cobblestone XBlock Items
/spawn concrete_greenBlock Items
/spawn crookMiscellaneous Items
/spawn damage_axolotl XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn damage_bannerMiscellaneous Items
/spawn defense_bannerMiscellaneous Items
/spawn diamond XCurrency
/spawn diamond_axeTool Items
/spawn diamond_block XBlock Items
/spawn diamond_bootsArmor Items
/spawn diamond_chestplateArmor Items
/spawn diamond_daoWeapon Items
/spawn diamond_helmetArmor Items
/spawn diamond_pickaxeTool Items
/spawn diamond_swordWeapon Items
/spawn dioriteBlock Items
/spawn diorite_polishedBlock Items
/spawn dirt XBlock Items
/spawn dodo_entity XWorld Spawns
/spawn double_edge_swordWeapon Items
/spawn droneMiscellaneous Items
/spawn duck_entity XWorld Spawns
/spawn duck_spawn_eggMiscellaneous Items
/spawn ember XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn emerald XCurrency
/spawn emerald_block XBlock Items
/spawn emerald_bootsArmor Items
/spawn emerald_chestplateArmor Items
/spawn emerald_daoWeapon Items
/spawn emerald_helmetArmor Items
/spawn emerald_swordWeapon Items
/spawn enchant_tableMiscellaneous Items
/spawn feather_bowWeapon Items
/spawn fireball XThrowable Items
/spawn firework_arrowAmmo Items
/spawn fisherman_coral XBlock Items
/spawn fishing_rodMiscellaneous Items
/spawn flamethrowerWeapon Items
/spawn flowerMiscellaneous Items
/spawn forcefield_potionPotion Items
/spawn frosted_snowballThrowable Items
/spawn frying_panWeapon Items
/spawn ghost XWorld Spawns
/spawn giant_potionPotion Items
/spawn glass XBlock Items
/spawn golden_bowWeapon Items
/spawn graniteBlock Items
/spawn granite_polishedBlock Items
/spawn grapple_hookTool Items
/spawn grappling_hookMiscellaneous Items
/spawn grass XBlock Items
/spawn grenade_launcherWeapon Items
/spawn guided_missile XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn guitarMiscellaneous Items
/spawn gumdrop_bounce_pad XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn hammerMiscellaneous Items
/spawn hang_gliderMiscellaneous Items
/spawn heal_bannerMiscellaneous Items
/spawn heal_splash_potionPotion Items
/spawn health_regen_axolotl_XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn heat_seeking_rock XThrowable Items
/spawn hickory_logBlock Items
/spawn huge_lucky_blockLucky Blocks
/spawn huge_purple_lucky_blockLucky Blocks
/spawn ice XBlock Items
/spawn ice_swordWeapon Items
/spawn impulse_grenadeThrowable Items
/spawn infernal_saberWeapon Items
/spawn invisibility_potionPotion Items
/spawn invisible_landmineWeapon Items
/spawn iron XCurrency
/spawn iron_axeTool Items
/spawn iron_bootsArmor Items
/spawn iron_chestplateArmor Items
/spawn iron_daoWeapon Items
/spawn iron_helmetArmor Items
/spawn iron_pickaxeTool Items
/spawn iron_swordWeapon Items
/spawn itemshopMiscellaneous Items
/spawn jade_hammerMiscellaneous Items
/spawn juggernaut_bootsArmor Items
/spawn juggernaut_chestplateArmor Items
/spawn juggernaut_crate XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn juggernaut_helmetArmor Items
/spawn jump_bootsArmor Items
/spawn jump_potionPotion Items
/spawn knockback_fishWeapon Items
/spawn large_rockThrowable Items
/spawn lasso XThrowable Items
/spawn leather_bootsArmor Items
/spawn leather_chestplateArmor Items
/spawn leather_helmetArmor Items
/spawn light_swordWeapon Items
/spawn lucky_blockLucky Blocks
/spawn lucky_block_trapLucky Blocks
/spawn marble XBlock Items
/spawn marble_pillar XBlock Items
/spawn mass_hammerWeapon Items
/spawn melon XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn melon_seeds XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn metal_detectorTool Items
/spawn miner_pickaxeMiscellaneous Items
/spawn mini_shieldPotion Items
/spawn minicopterMiscellaneous Items
/spawn monster XWorld Spawns
/spawn monster XWorld Spawns
/spawn mushroomsMiscellaneous Items
/spawn oak_logBlock Items
/spawn obsidian XBlock Items
/spawn oil_consumable XThrowable Items
/spawn paint_shotgunWeapon Items
/spawn personal_chestMiscellaneous Items
/spawn pie XConsumable Items
/spawn pinataMiscellaneous Items
/spawn player_vacuumWeapon Items
/spawn poison_splash_potionPotion Items
/spawn popup_cubeTrap Items
/spawn portal_gunTool Items
/spawn purple_lucky_block XLucky Blocks
/spawn ragebladeWeapon Items
/spawn raven XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn red_sandstoneBlock Items
/spawn robbery_ballThrowable Items
/spawn rocket_launcherWeapon Items
/spawn rocket_launcher_missile XAmmo Items
/spawn sand XBlock Items
/spawn santa_bombThrowable Items
/spawn scytheWeapon Items
/spawn shearsTool Items
/spawn shieldMiscellaneous Items
/spawn shield_axolotl XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn shrink_potionPotion Items
/spawn slate_brickBlock Items
/spawn sleep_splash_potionPotion Items
/spawn slime_blockBlock Items
/spawn smoke_block XBlock Items
/spawn smoke_bombPotion Items
/spawn smoke_grenadeThrowable Items
/spawn snap_trap XTrap Items
/spawn snow XBlock Items
/spawn snowball XThrowable Items
/spawn spear XThrowable Items
/spawn speed_bootsArmor Items
/spawn speed_potionPotion Items
/spawn spirit XThrowable Items
/spawn spirit_entity XWorld Spawns
/spawn spruce_logBlock Items
/spawn sticky_fireworkWeapon Items
/spawn stone XBlock Items
/spawn stone_brick XBlock Items
/spawn stone_daoWeapon Items
/spawn stone_pickaxeTool Items
/spawn stone_pickaxeTool Items
/spawn stone_player_blockMiscellaneous Items
/spawn stone_slabBlock Items
/spawn stone_swordWeapon Items
/spawn stopwatch XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn stun_grenadeWeapon Items
/spawn swap_ballThrowable Items
/spawn tabletMiscellaneous Items
/spawn tactical_crossbowWeapon Items
/spawn taserWeapon Items
/spawn telepearl XMiscellaneous Items
/spawn teleport_blockMiscellaneous Items
/spawn tesla_trap XTrap Items
/spawn thornsMiscellaneous Items
/spawn throwable_bridgeThrowable Items
/spawn throwing_knife XThrowable Items
/spawn time_bomb_potionPotion Items
/spawn tnt XWeapon Items
/spawn toy_hammerWeapon Items
/spawn turtle_shellMiscellaneous Items
/spawn twirlbladeWeapon Items
/spawn vacuumWeapon Items
/spawn vending_machineMiscellaneous Items
/spawn void_axeWeapon Items
/spawn void_bootsArmor Items
/spawn void_bootsArmor Items
/spawn void_chestplateArmor Items
/spawn void_chestplateArmor Items
/spawn void_crystalMiscellaneous Items
/spawn void_helmetArmor Items
/spawn void_helmetArmor Items
/spawn void_portalMiscellaneous Items
/spawn void_swordWeapon Items
/spawn void_turretMiscellaneous Items
/spawn void_turret_tabletMiscellaneous Items
/spawn warrior_bootsArmor Items
/spawn warrior_chestplateArmor Items
/spawn warrior_helmetArmor Items
/spawn watering_canMiscellaneous Items
/spawn wizard_staffWeapon Items
/spawn wood_axeTool Items
/spawn wood_bowWeapon Items
/spawn wood_crossbowWeapon Items
/spawn wood_daoWeapon Items
/spawn wood_pickaxeTool Items
/spawn wood_plank_birchBlock Items
/spawn wood_plank_mapleBlock Items
/spawn wood_plank_oakBlock Items
/spawn wood_plank_spruceBlock Items
/spawn wood_swordWeapon Items
/spawn wool_blueBlock Items
/spawn wool_cyanBlock Items
/spawn wool_greenBlock Items
/spawn wool_orangeBlock Items
/spawn wool_pinkBlock Items
/spawn wool_purpleBlock Items
/spawn wool_redBlock Items
/spawn wool_whiteBlock Items
/spawn wool_yellowBlock Items
/spawn zipline XMiscellaneous Items
/togglespawn (item name) (true/false)Custom Match Commands
/tp (player)Custom Match Commands
/tp (target_players) (destination_player)Custom Match Commands
/tpallCustom Match Commands
/tpbed (Ex. /tpbed red)Custom Match Commands
/voidCustom Match Commands

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