Weapon Fighting Simulator Best Weapons Tier List 2024

Weapon Fighting Simulator Tier List

Weapon Fighting Simulator Tier List will help you in choosing the best weapons in the game. You will be able to progress faster and dominate other players and what is most important you will become a stronger player with help of the Weapon Fighting Simulator tier list. There are a lot of different weapons and each weapon is unique with different skills, stats, and synergy. 

There are some weapons in the Weapon Fighting Simulator that are more powerful than other weapons, and they will dominate in most cases. We all know that upgrading and getting a weapon can be time-consuming and requires a lot of effort and grinding. That is why it is crucial to know what the best weapons are in a Weapon Fighting Simulator that will give you the best value possible for your time and effort. 

There are some factors that you must take into consideration when you are choosing what weapon you will use like synergy, your current progression, and what your goal is. If You do not care about these factors you can simply use tier S weapons because they are the strongest in the game. Just stay away from weapons that are marked as tier C and D because they are the worst in the game and not worth your time and effort. 

To get free premium items that will help you in becoming a powerful player you can use Codes for Weapon Fighting Simulator. If you are interested in more Roblox content than you can check out BedWars Kit Tier List, Creatures of Sonaria Tier List, Blox Fruits Tier List, Anime Adventures Tier List and King Legacy Tier List.

Tier System and grades

Tier S – Overpowered
Tier A – Balanced
Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
Tier C – Underpowered

Weapon Fighting Simulator Tier List

Acacia BellSMythicalDemon Abyss
Ancient Dragon StaffAUncommonTreelands
Atlantis CoralSUncommonAtlantis
Atlantis SceptreSUncommonAtlantis
Bashee SwordDUncommonBanshee Snowfield
Bee HiveSEpicTreelands
Big SwordDUncommonBamboo Forest
Blood SlicerDUncommonDemon Abyss
Blue Dragon AxeBUncommonMonster Swamp
Blue Dragon KatanaBEpicMonster Swamp
Blue Dragon SwordBUncommonMonster Swamp
Ceremonial ScepterALegendaryInfinite Mountain
Cherry Tree BranchSLegendaryTreelands
Crab ClawsSEpicAtlantis
Cursed TomahawkDUncommonBamboo Forest
Demon Lord AxeCLegendaryDemon Abyss
Dragon AshesDLegendaryMonster Swamp
Dragon ClawsSMythicalAtlantis
Dragon TridentSEternalTreelands
Emperor’s UmbrellaCMythicalDragon Desert
Firelord DaggerCEternalMagma Valley
Flower HaloARareTreelands
Fridgid King SlicerDUncommonMartial World
Frozen BatBEpicBanshee Snowfield
Frozen KunaiDUncommonDemon Abyss
Frozen SwordDUncommonMartial World
GlacierBLegendaryBanshee Snowfield
Gold BagBRareDragon Desert
Gold BowlBEpicDragon Desert
Gold PickaxeCUncommonDragon Desert
Golden HoopSEternalAtlantis
Green Emperor RingDLegendaryBamboo Forest
Guards SpearSRareAtlantis
Hedgehog Lord DaggerAEternalDragon Desert
Ice Monster ShieldCEpicDemon Abyss
Ice ShovelDEpicMartial World
Ice WhipDUncommonBanshee Snowfield
IcicleCRareBanshee Snowfield
Icicle HammerDRareMartial World
Icy DaggerAEternalBanshee Snowfield
Infernal AxeAEpicInfinite Mountain
Infernal SwordSEternalInfinite Mountain
Lava Big SwordCUncommonMagma Valley
Magma ShearsCRareMagma Valley
Phoenix DaggerBLegendaryMagma Valley
Phoenix FeatherBMythicalMagma Valley
Serpent King SwordDEpicBamboo Forest
Serpent Lord DaggerBEternalMonster Swamp
Sharp SwordBLegendaryDragon Desert
Sharper ShurikenCUncommonMagma Valley
SnowflakeAMythicalBanshee Snowfield
Sphere of EarthBRareInfinite Mountain
Sphere of WindBRareMonster Swamp
Spider Lord StaffCRareDemon Abyss
Spider Slayer SwordCEpicMagma Valley
Stone Elemental FistAMythicalInfinite Mountain
Stone MaceBUncommonInfinite Mountain
Stone SpearBUncommonInfinite Mountain
Sun ShieldCUncommonDragon Desert
Swamp LotusBMythicalMonster Swamp
Tai-Chi BrushDLegendaryMartial World
Tian BoardSMythicalTreelands
Toxic ShurikenDRareBamboo Forest
Treelands Guard SwordAUncommonTreelands
Turtle ShellSLegendaryAtlantis
Witch CauldronSMythicalBamboo Forest
YinYang ShieldDMythicalMartial World

About Weapon Fighting Simulator Tier List

In order to get the best possible rating, we used a high-end account, and all weapons were tested in the best possible condition. There are some factors that we could not control like synergy, chance, buffs, and debuffs but they had minimal impact on overall ratings. 

Each tier list is debatable so the Weapon Fighting Simulator tier list is also. If you do not agree with some of our ratings feel free to comment down below so we can discuss it. 

Every weapon in Weapon Fighting Simulator can be changed with a new update. If it gets changed, ratings and meta will also change. Because of this, it is best that you test out each weapon on your own.

By testing weapons on your own you will be able to find out what is the best for your playstyle, and synergy, you will learn about them and how to counter them. Overall by testing weapons on your own you will become a better player. Also, make sure that you are communicating and discussing with other players and check what they are using.

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