State of Survival Best Heroes Tier List For Each Game Mode Guide

State of Survival Best Heroes For Each Game Mode Guide

There are many heroes in State of Survival, and knowing which ones are the best is essential. Every hero in State of Survival is useful for different game attributes such as gathering, railing, and so on. What hero you use is determined by your in-game goal, situation, and whether you play for free or pay to win. Because we all know how difficult it is to upgrade your heroes in the State of Survival, you want to invest in the best State of Survival heroes so you get the best return on your investment.

Some ratings will be debatable, but they will provide you with a good overview and insight into key attributes of each hero as well as where to use him. One of the most important things to remember is that you should only focus on one hero at a time and redeem all State of Survival gift codes.

Best PVE State of Survival Heroes

From the moment you begin playing, you will be fighting infected to gain experience, speedups, and other fantastic rewards. Because you will be fighting NPCs from day one and every day, having a few best commanders for PVE is essential. To find the best heroes for PVE, simply look for heroes who have bonus damage against infected troops.

Best Heroes for PVE are: Nikola, Jane, Travis, Tony, Sarge

Best PVP State of Survival Heroes

The best PVP heroes must have high damage and skills that are tailored to PVP battles. They are heroes who excel at rallying and sieging. Take a close look at hero skill to determine what you should concentrate on.

Best Heroes for PVP are: Maddie & Frank, Lucky, Nikola, Ray &Rolex, Jeb, Trish, Wolfe, Zoe.

Best State of Survival Heroes for Gathering

Gathering is one of the most important things you have to do every day in State of Survival. How much resource you collect and how quickly you collect it depends a lot on the heroes you send to gather it. Having the best gathering heroes is therefore advantageous in the long run. They will greatly assist you in making progress and growing your account.

Best Heroes for Gathering are: Chef, Rusty, Mike, Ghost

Garrison’s best State of Survival heroes

State of Survival is a war game in which you will face numerous enemy players. There will be times when your base will be attacked, especially during kill events, so having the best garrison heroes is critical to reducing damage. The best heroes for garrisoning your base are those who increase tower defense and stats, allowing you to take less damage.

Best Heroes for Garrison are: Maddie & Frank, Ash, Trish, Wolfe, Zoe, Ray & Rolex.

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